Introducing The Cool Calm Collection

The Power Tote I love the idea of having your own power word and wearing it. Prue from The Cool Calm Collection asked me if I'd like one of her lovely Power Totes. I have to admit, it took me a while to come up with my own word but when I did it just … Continue reading Introducing The Cool Calm Collection


Guilt – An Open Letter to Myself

Sometimes it's vital to step back from your thoughts. View them as separate from yourself, assess them and unpick them. From this blog post I'm about to write you'll see I've been thinking about the effect 'guilty thoughts' have on my life. Guilt is something that comes up a lot for me. I'm guilty for … Continue reading Guilt – An Open Letter to Myself

Feeling Frazzled – How to successfully live a busy life

Life is busy and I had my periodic semi 'breakdown' again last week. Like most people (I'm sure) it's hard to find time for everything and everyone. A year and 6 months ago I started my masters degree, I also carried on working part time, moved in with my partner and endeavoured to consistently upload on either my blog … Continue reading Feeling Frazzled – How to successfully live a busy life