Travelodge Waterloo London Review

Staying at the Travelodge Waterloo hotel: When Travelodge asked me if I'd like to stay at one of their hotels I absolutely jumped at the idea. We stay at Travelodge hotelsĀ on most of our weekend away trips in the UK. I always find that they're the most reasonably priced and I know we are going … Continue reading Travelodge Waterloo London Review

Palmers Haircare Product Review

I would love to introduce you to (if you've not heard of this wonderful brand before) Palmers! I've been using their conditioning shampoo for some time so I was super excited when Fuel PR sent me a package containing lots of their other haircare products. Palmers are all for utilising sustainable ingredients to create luxurious … Continue reading Palmers Haircare Product Review

Our Trip to Leeds | Where to Eat & Drink (Gluten Free)

VLOG: Valentines Trip To Leeds Leeds is a great city, good for shopping and as we found out, wonderful for eating and drinking. As ever I endeavored to find great gluten free places to eat as that's a priority for me with being a coeliac! Our first stop was Leeds Trinity - their city centre … Continue reading Our Trip to Leeds | Where to Eat & Drink (Gluten Free)