Tasting Turtle Bay’s New Menu

Oh hi there! So excitingly we were invited by the lovely people at Turtle Bay to try out their new menu. I've been already, our Sheffield Restaurant opened back in June and I've been a couple of times for happy hour cocktails and food. I was super excited to get to try their latest menu … Continue reading Tasting Turtle Bay’s New Menu


Favourite Instagram Babes – Part 1

I touched upon the subject of influencers in my last blog post - Breaking out of my Comfort Zone: Fashion Edition I thought what better way of sharing them with you than on here. I get my daily fashion inspiration on Instagram and I see that as my biggest and most used source for seeing … Continue reading Favourite Instagram Babes – Part 1

Old English Company PR Package – Typography & Homeware Heaven

Simplistic but stylish, decorative items with modern influence. I love The Old English Company, so when they contacted me asking if I'd like to collaborate with them I jumped at the chance. I have to admit it took me a couple of hours on the website to narrow down which pieces I wanted, I have … Continue reading Old English Company PR Package – Typography & Homeware Heaven