My Top 5 – Leeds

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If you know me, you’ll know I love to go on city breaks around the UK and I thought what better way of documenting that than creating a series of ‘Top 5’ style posts on my fave places we visit in each place. I want to chat about the best places we eat, drink and shop, as well as the best art and museums we discover. Me and Ed always do a little research before visiting a place to maximise our time there, fitting in and ticking off things we want to do as well as leaving some time in our schedule to wander and come across things we wouldn’t have otherwise. I took to Instagram before visiting Leeds, asking my followers what their favourite places in Leeds were so that helped a lot too! I really hope you enjoy reading this blog post, Leeds really surprised me. I knew there would be so much to see that I hadn’t before, but I didn’t realise how big the city was and just how much it had to offer.

No.1 – Laynes Espresso


The best damn brunch I think I’ve ever had! It was a divine mix of poached eggs, halloumi, sweetcorn frittas, spring onion and crème fraiche. The coffee was really good as well, they clearly know their craft. I like that the kitchen is open too, meaning that you could see the food being prepared, cooked and plated. The space is minimal and airy with grey tones, it’s a very relaxing space to be in but has an upmarket feel to it as well. I loved that the clientele was so mixed here, families brunching, business men grabbing their morning coffees, freelancers coming to work on their laptops and travelling couples like us. This space appeals to many different types of people and groups which is a testament to the inviting space they’ve created.

No.2 – Leeds Museum


A must visit for all ages. Being the big kid I am I wanted to visit the Leeds Museum for the Michael Morpurgo exhibition they currently have on. I loved seeing his notebooks he had written ideas in, real props and models from War Horse, letters and poems from poet friend Ted Hughes and illustrations from his books. There was a real mixed media element to this exhibit which made it really interesting to wander around. We also looked around their Egyptian collection which was really impressive and utterly fascinating. As well as visiting the Natural History floor which I have to say I loved the most. I find taxidermy so interesting, being so close to animals that you’d never have chance to see in the wild (and would never get that close to). This place has something for everyone so I really would urge you to nip in if you’re exploring Leeds.

No.3 – Northern Monk Brewery


We decided to venture to the Northern Monk Brewery on our way back to the train station. It’s about a 12 minute walk from the station so it’s a great place to grab a drink or two before heading home. I was really impressed that they had a Keg and Cask gluten free beer on called ‘Origin’ (which was really tasty too). It’s such a warm and relaxing environment, there were lots of groups of friends and couples having a really great time. I wish we’d had a bit more time here (I’m sure Ed would have loved to try a few more beers) although being a coeliac is limiting when it comes to beer drinking! I loved their merchandise too (slightly regretting not buying the tote bag tbh).

No.4 – Fine at Fettle


This is one million percent the highlight of our weekend away. Like I said in the introduction of this blog post, I always try and do a bit of research before visiting a city. I came across Fettle on Leeds Independent website and after scouring their various menus I was sold. Their investment into clean, healthy and nourishing food is clear, most of their meals were marked GF which I was really impressed with. We actually went on the last morning of our stay with the intention of having brunch. It was very busy so we decided to book a table for that evening instead. I can’t tell you just how well the space transitions from a vibrant, buzzy breakfast place to a relaxing, cosy and welcoming evening space. I wish I’d taken snaps of the restaurant itself as the décor is beautiful and certainly an inspiration for my own home. I loved the Scandi inspired, rustic yet classic influence. Beautiful low lighting with delicate filament bulbs, wooden panels and plants. It lives and breathes. I really would recommend this place if your looking for somewhere special to eat with your loved one and don’t want to be ripped off.

The food is worth every penny for it’s taste, the surrounding, and the attentive, friendly staff. It was very memorable experience, thank you Fettle.

No.5 – Henry Moore Institute


I’m always on the look out for an art gallery or two to visit when I’m in a new city. Leeds is virtually round the corner from me in Sheffield but I’d never been and visited the Henry Moore Institute before. I love the modern feel of the space, it’s very airy and open. I was lucky enough to see some of the works by Senga Nengudi and it’s the most I’ve enjoyed an art exhibition for a long time. The work really resonated with me, it was playful in parts but had a more serious and thought-provoking undercurrent; identity, race and what it means to be a woman.

So there you have it, my Top.5 things to do in Leeds! They are the places I will be rushing back to when I visit Leeds again in the future. There are so many other awesome places we visited that I would love to talk about but maybe I’ll save those for a future blog post. If you’d like to see more of what we got up to you can find me here!

Thanks for reading and do let me know where your favourite spots in Leeds are!

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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 – Leeds

  1. I live inWakefield so Leeds is my neighbour and city of work. We also have a restaurant on Dock Street so if you do visit again, definitely pop in. The above commenter mentioned Hepworth in my home town and it’s definitelymworth a visit if you love Art Galleries. We take the kids when we can. Xx


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