Oh Hello Unicorn Cosmetics!


Unicorn Cosmetics, I’m so glad you slid into my DMs!

I have to say I was obsessed with this brand from the word go. Look how beautiful their packaging and designs are and the quality of their brushes really reflect the aesthetic too! UC kindly sent me the Royale Unicorn Brush Set and two pairs of lashes to review for you guys. I can’t wait to let you know my thoughts on this extravagant looking package!

Blood Sugar Palette, Liquid lips and Sunglasses are my own. Brush set and lashes have been gifted for this review.

Nailing the unicorn trend

Now who doesn’t love the mermaid and unicorn trend? It’s been floating around for ages but these guys have really nailed the designs. The bag which the brushes come in is a beautiful diamond shape featuring a golden unicorn design on the exterior.

The brushes are securely fastened in place with elastic making it a great bag to travel with. Don’t you hate throwing your brushes in a ‘one size fits all’ style toiletry bag when you travel? This is a luxurious, velvet, slim case which regardless of the brushes different shapes fits them all perfectly.

Fan brush obsessive

It’s ALL about the fan brush! I have to say I picked this set of brushes mainly for this epic fan brush. Most 10 piece essential brush sets don’t include a brush like this one. Normally you’d be looking to fork out a good £10-15 for this brush alone. It’s perfect for applying blinding highlighter. I just recently purchased the Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Highlighter Palette and it’s really important to have a brush that helps apply it perfectly. This is the one you guys!
It’s all about Ombre

I love the rose gold detail, jet black unicorn horn handles and pink ombre effect bristles. I think darker brushes age much better after repeatedly using foundation and powders with them too. Although arguably they can look brand new if you look after them. I would personally recommend the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel & Palette. I bought mine from TKMaxx and I’ve spied them at a great price on T J Hughes online as well!

The brushes come in rose gold too. I love that there’s two colourway options!


Buy the Royale Unicorn Set here – retailing at £49.99

I love colourful kitsch design so the whole brand really appeals to me. There’s nothing more boring than boring packaging, yawn. It can make or break a purchase for me. I know the term ‘all style and no substance’ exists but what’s the point of making a product if it doesn’t look good too? PS. These guys score equal points for style and substance. The brushes are super soft, I have a similar set from Spectrum but I think these are actually better!

I’ve not worn fake eyelashes in a super long time! I used to apply them daily back when I was at college (hopefully they looked good haha, they were probably hanging onto my eyelids for dear life!). I do like a fake eyelash but fear them peeling off at the edges. UC kindly sent me two pairs – The Magestic AF Unicorn Lashes and the Blaise Dragon Lashes. I’ve not had chance to try them out yet but as soon as I do they’ll be going on the gram.

It’s useful to note that when you are viewing lashes on their site it suggests different lashes dependant on your eye shape. I have round eyes so I was super excited to see that these were suitable and a good shape for me. You can also purchase the lashes in packs of 1, 3 or 5. The more you buy the cheaper they become, simples!

Oh and a little note, glue isn’t included so remember to add some to your basket!


Oh and something else. Sign up to their newsletter for 15% off your first purchase.


Two of the brushes in the set are perfectly shaped for applying foundation and concealer.


An artist shouldn’t blame their tools but my makeup is looking SO much better now!

Top Tips: Sign up to their newsletter for 15% off your first purchase. Free UK delivery on orders over £50. Create a store account and collect points with every purchase.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I thought to my Unicorn Cosmetics package. What’s not to love? I will be sharing images and a mini review of the lashes on my Instagram account so go follow me on there to hear how I get on – Little Owl Loves Instagram


Items in this blog post gifted in return for a review, thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to Unicorn Cosmetics for their amaaaazing package, I think I’m going to be recommending them to everyone!

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