Prestige Flowers – A Luxury Hamper

There aren’t many things that liven your room up like flowers are there? The lovely people at Prestige Flowers sent me a gorgeous bouquet full of roses and lilies to review. I am obsessed with the colour red and I’m sure they sensed that and sent these with a more personalised touch. I was really impressed with how well packaged they were. The flowers arrived perfectly in a solid carboard box. They are such a detailed and varied bouquet – the white lilies contrast beautifully against the deep red roses.



The flowers are beautifully presented in a black box bag, surrounded by a patterned wrap and the bottom of the stems are contained in a damp wrap to sustain moisture. Of course they also come with a sachet of plant food and they even come with a flower care guide. I love the idea of the flower guide as it is tailored to the flower types that you order. It tells you about each individual flower and how to keep them at their best.



I love the connecting plastic wiring that is elegantly wrapped over the flowers, keeping them in a lovely formation but it also adds a little extra detail. Upon receiving the flowers I realised most of the Roselilie buds are still closed but I think this is a good thing as they will hopefully last much longer.


L’amour Bouquet £50.00

‘This is a spectacular arrangement to show your loved one or friend just how much you care. With just the right blend of colours and contrasting textures, this fine bouquet will delight any lucky recipient. Our professional team of florists arrange each stem this arrangement to perfection. Included in this bouquet, you will receive Rhodos Roses, Hypericum, Thlaspi, Golden Orbits, as well as our unique and very special Double Flowering ‘Roselilies’. We are the first and only florist in the UK to sell these Roselilies which makes them truly special.

Some of the most notable features of these sweet-scented beauties are the fact that they are pollen-free, longer lasting, and extremely rare. Available for UK next day delivery this superb arrangement comes packaged in a luxury wrap and bag for the perfect finishing touch.’

You can get an outstanding variety of Anniversary Flowers here. Ranging from only £19.99. I love that you can add a cheeky bottle of prosecco to your order too!


I also received truffle chocolates with my flowers (they went down well with a cup of tea) and you can add extra items to your order including bears, vases and balloons. I think if you have a special occasion in mind this is brilliant, as you can order it all from the same place at the same time.

Thank you so much to Prestige Flowers for sending me this beautiful bunch.

Flowers gifted in return for a blog review. Views are my own.

Thanks for reading as always you lovely lot!




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