Introducing The Cool Calm Collection


The Power Tote

I love the idea of having your own power word and wearing it. Prue from The Cool Calm Collection asked me if I’d like one of her lovely Power Totes. I have to admit, it took me a while to come up with my own word but when I did it just felt right.

‘Evolve’ for me means your personal journey, how you have grown as a person and how you will continue to grow. There are so many occasions where we are harsh on ourselves and believe that we are not good enough or not doing enough. I think this tote will remind me to look at all that I’ve achieved and to not be afraid of wherever life will take me next. Evolve is about cherishing your life and achievements.


The canvas bag is beautiful quality and it’s massive! I did a small local shop the other day and I didn’t need another bag. The straps are a good width so it wasn’t digging into my shoulders in the slightest. I absolutely love a tote or three (I even have a set of hangers with all my totes on ready to go). This has to be the most functional and best quality tote I’ve got my mitts on yet!


So what would your power word be? What word would inspire you?

I’m loving seeing everyone’s Power Tote words, what an amazing idea!

Grab your tote here


Another product which I’m just dying to tell you about is the ‘My Favourite Things Pouch’. I absolutely love the idea of this super personalised item. My four favourite things rolled straight off the tip of my tongue. Bowie is always No.1. Gin comes in at close second and so on.. I love the monochromatic look but you can also get these in navy and pink too! They’re a fantastic gift idea for friends, family & bridesmaids alike.


The Favourite Things Bag

What I love most about The Cool Calm Collection is the personalisation element. I think it just adds something a bit extra to a gift, shows that you’ve thought a bit more about that special individual. All of their products are reasonably priced and are lovely quality.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s the link to have a browse.



All views are my own and items were gifted in return for a review


One thought on “Introducing The Cool Calm Collection

  1. I like them a lot. I can’t think of any power words right now, but I like that the bottom of the tote is a dark colour. I hate it when the bottom of a bag gets grubby. You can’t always avoid putting it on the ground and so it’s going to pick up dirt if it’s a light colour.


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