Favourite Instagram Babes – Part 1

I touched upon the subject of influencers in my last blog post – Breaking out of my Comfort Zone: Fashion Edition I thought what better way of sharing them with you than on here. I get my daily fashion inspiration on Instagram and I see that as my biggest and most used source for seeing what my favourite blogging babes are up to. I’d like to share with you some of my favourite fashionistas and why they stand out amongst the crowd.

Megan Ellaby

I mean come on, who doesn’t have a crush on this Mancunian chic? She’s ever so stylish. I love her eclectic mix of patterns, colour and prints. Her style is very much inspired by yesteryear. Think Bowie, Bowie and more Bowie. She is edgy with amazing hair and a figure to die for. Plus her doggies are the cutest things ever and her style is definitely reflected in her interior choices.

Megan’s Instagram

Top: River Island, Jeans: ASOS, Trainers: Primark

Just a Uniform

Siobhan has to be one of the most colourful girls on the gram. Her style is playful and fun. She’s been such an inspiration to me in playing with colour, and I can see why she is loved by so many. I love her chatty Instagram stories and her vlogs are epic. If you need a bit of a wardrobe revamp then go give her a follow!

Just a Uniform’s Instagram

Earrings: Freedom at Topshop, Sunglasses: Cotton On

Bex Jade Fountain

I only discovered this girl a matter of weeks ago but I am already obsessed! She loves a statement boot and baker boy hat. Accessorising is what she does best, statement earrings and sunnies finish the look. I love the way she pieces items together, she is one of those people who looks effortlessly cool. I am definitely feeling all the retro vibes when I visit her IG page.

Bex Jade Fountain’s Instagram

Photography by Paige Henson

Lucy Earnshaw

If your looking for travel accounts to be utterly jealous of – this is one of them!

Lucy is visiting 12 countries in 12 months and captures them beautifully. I love the orange hues on her images which gives them that retro glow. Fashion wise, I love her summery feminine style and her use of bold patterns and prints.

Lucy Earnshaw’s Instagram

Meg Morris

Meg is an absolute Rockstar, I love her fiery red short hair and vibrant feed. She finds the best street art to have her photos taken in front of! She has a quirky, alternative style and loves a statement tee. Meg posts on her YouTube really regularly including weekly and weekend vlogs.

She’s a radiant little peach!

Meg’s Instagram

Kitty Cowell

Kitty is one of my newest inspo’s. I love her skater boy / streetwear influence. She very much reminds me of my teenage years (in the best possible way). If her bright yellow banana hair doesn’t convince you to follow her I don’t know what will! She has a laidback look but you can tell a lot of effort goes into her looks and content.

Such a cool bean!

Kitty Cowell’s Instagram


So there we have it, six girls who are doing their thing so fabulously!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my faves and found someone new to follow.

Stick around for part 2 where I’ll be sharing six more inspirations.

Oh and here’s my Instagram if you fancy having a look – Little Owl Loves Instagram


Photos: Paige Henson Photography

Paige Henson’s Instagram

2 thoughts on “Favourite Instagram Babes – Part 1

  1. I’ve definitely found some new babes to follow!
    This was such a lovely post, thank you so much for your kind words my gorgeous! xxx


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