Breaking out of my Comfort Zone: Fashion Edition

Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking around!

I am increasingly aware that my blog takes a back seat at times but I’m wanting to change that a little. Last week I had an amazing blog shoot with the lovely (and very talented) Paige Henson. Check out her work here – Paige’s Instagram

So I thought what better opportunity than to write a blog post utilising some of the snaps she took! I’m always going to enjoy creating content on my YouTube Channel more but I’d love to post more fashion inspired work on here.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Dress: Zara, Bag: Skinnydip, Shoes: Primark

Throwing it back

As a teenager I lived in black. A typical emo kid, flicky hair (not very good mind), skinny black jeans and a band tee of some description. As I entered my 20’s I kinda resisted my alternative side and dressed what you’d describe as a little more mainstream. I guess your trying to transition into adult life and want to present a more polished version of yourself.

I’m 25 now and I’ve never felt more interested in fashion and eager to wear colour in my life. I think I’ve actually reached that stage now where I know my body shape a little better and I’m happy dressing accordingly. That’s not to say I don’t still wear my skinnies even though my thighs and hips are wide, I’ve just learnt to embrace my curves a bit more. I’m a 8/10 on top and 12/ (sometimes realistically 14) on bottoms so I guess you’d say I was a pear (Thanks Gok!).

Sunnies: Ebay


I am so interested and influenced by other bloggers. I recently met Helen Anderz & Megan Ellaby and it inspired me to embrace the quirkier things I like to wear. I vlogged my day in Manchester, you can see it here.

Like so many of us, I am obsessed with Instagram! But I see it as another tool to be creative and draw inspiration from. Like using Pinterest for art inspiration, I use Instagram for daily fashion inspiration. There are so many amazingly colourful and well-dressed influencers but that’s not something to be jealous of, it’s something to be in awe of, soak up and be inspired by. I think I might actually write a post on my favourite content creators (oh there’s lots!) as it’s good to tell other’s that what they’re doing is awesome and appreciated.


Colour & Pattern

I love wearing bold colour now. I used to shy away from it, afraid I would ‘stand out’ but I think I’ve found inner confidence in Fashion. I spied this little number in Zara in the sale for a tenner! Best tenner I’ve spent in a while. Zara is actual gold when there’s a sale, the quality seems to be on another level to other high street stores. I love to have a browse on their online store as it’s got such an editorial and curated look. They appeal to my arty side and you can count on them for a very individual slogan or graphic tee.

This print reminds me of the 80’s. Like brushstrokes. A ladybird. A graphic novel. The list goes on.. I love the impact of this pattern and how unique it is, sometimes pattern can be a little generic (leopard print, houndstooth etc.) although I would argue there is always a place for animal print!

Bag: Skinnydip

Body Confidence

I grew up with Trinny & Susannah and Gok Wan on the telly. But I guess back then I didn’t really full realise why women had such hang ups and why they didn’t know how to dress. Now I see it, the societal pressures, how items of clothing aren’t cut for the average woman, how comfort is key and how adult life and the busyness takes over.

I think in this case it’s about knowing the brands that work for you, your shape, materials you like, materials you don’t and how short a skirt your comfortable with.

It’s also about knowing little things that can make a big difference – don’t have much time to get ready? Take a lipstick out with you for when you get a second to apply it. Find skincare items that you can put on just before bed and incorporate easily into your routine. Buy good staple items like a good pair of jeans, comfortable heels, statement earrings – items that will pull your look together and make you look like you’ve made more effort than you have.


Colour Co-ordination

This is something I’ve been absolutely terrible at and I realise some days I’ve ended up feeling like a total mish-mash. Use a block colour and then mirror that in your accessories. Outfit plan and put all your similar colours together in your wardrobes and drawers. I did this recently by re-organising my t-shirt drawer (it’s full haha!). My favourite thing right now is the statement earring trend so I love picking  a colour out of my slogan tee and complimenting that through my earrings or handbag colour.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetSONY DSC

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post!

I am living for colour and it’s all down to various creatives I follow that inspire me.

What are your current favourite trends and what do you wear to feel good?

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13 thoughts on “Breaking out of my Comfort Zone: Fashion Edition

  1. Loving your dress and the photos are lovely as well. So glad you’ve taken the time to share the blog post and a little about yourself as well.


  2. I used to be a proper little emo kid too and then one day thought maybe I should grow up a bit. I tried to experiment a bit with fashion but I always found myself falling back into skinny jeans, band tees and dyed hair. It seems I just can’t get myself out of it, although as a mum of two, on the school run I do feel a bit silly so I often dress in the classic “mum uniform”. I love the sunnies from eBay, they’re really cute.


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