30 BEFORE 30

This morning I was exploring David and Donetta’s brand spanking new website (which is awesome by the way) and I came across Donetta’s blog post titled ’40 things to do before I’m 40′. Check out the post here if you’d like a read – David and Donetta’s new website

Anyway here we are! I’m 25, 26 in November and it got me thinking about what things big and small I want to do over the next 4 and a bit years. After all life gets a little more serious in your thirties career wise, I guess that’s when proper adulting begins.

I hope you enjoy reading my list and feel free to steal the idea (I’m sure it’s been done a lot before).


No.1 – Go back to Orlando – this one has to be No.1 on my list!

No.2 – Get a tattoo – I want to start with a small Bowie one

No.3 – Do more Staycations – Already been to Birmingham, Manchester and London this year) – Leeds, Manchester and London (early 2019) ✓✓✓

No.4 – See Simple Minds live again (third time), Fickle Friends, Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala

No.5 – Decorate our bedroom and office space

No.6  – Make some art prints and set up a website

No.7  – Continue to be more experimental with fashion and wear more colour ✓✓✓

No.8 – Fill my Pandora bracelet with charms from holidays

No.9 – Create a domain for my blog and collaborate with more companies on blog posts

No.10 – Get the Ombre/Balayage back ✓✓✓

No.11 – Do regular weight training with Eddie

No.12 – Visit Scotland again

No.13  –Stay in a cabin with a hot tub

No.14 – Go to New York

No.15 – Continue to cover my pink denim jacket in patches ✓✓✓

No.16 – Go back to Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca with my family

No.17 – Make my own DIY head gear for Disney World

No.18 – Do a solo trip – either to another city or abroad ✓✓✓

No.19 – Visit Australia ✓✓✓

No.20 – Attend a Festival solo ✓✓✓

No.21 – Try a pastel/bright colour in my hair

No.22 – Reach 800 subscribers on YouTube









As you can see my list is incomplete but I thought it’d be nice to get this list up and then I can keep coming back and adding more ideas as and when I think of them.

What goals do you have? Do you believe in 5 year plans?

Thanks for reading as always you lovely lot,



3 thoughts on “30 BEFORE 30

  1. I wasn’t into five year plans when I was younger, but now that I’m in my late 20s I’m really into making long term goals.Mine are all pretty similar, some house stuff, travel goals, and then working on hobbies.

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