Tapas Revolution 2nd Year Anniversary Press Night

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to the Press Night at Tapas Revolution. I’ve never been there before but I’ve seen the restaurant in Meadowhall and after scouring the menu where there were lots of ‘gf’ dishes (gluten free) I decided I really didn’t want to miss out. I couldn’t believe it had been open for two years and I hadn’t visited yet. Our usual Meadowhall choice is Las Iguanas but admittedly we haven’t been shopping there for a while (it takes us about an hour to get there and life is busy). The invite read ‘Come and visit the new Mediterranean terrace to celebrate our second birthday’. I was a little surprised to see the terrace wasn’t outside but it was a really beautiful setting, providing a more secluded space amongst the business of Meadowhall’s dining Oasis.


I wondered how the event would work. It was very relaxed and it wasn’t massively obvious a ‘blogger event’ was taking place as there were a lot of other people dining at the same time. The main give away was a line of hats being rotated around the bloggers and Omar Allibhoy (the owner of Tapas Revolution) who was wandering around being very attentive to everyone. I was very surprised to see him there, it was lovely he’d travelled up from London to celebrate with us all. The staff were lovely and we were given sangria by the jug to enjoy whilst they were preparing and cooking the tapas.


Sparkling Tropical Sangria – Cava, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, Orange and Lime


I’ll have a Sangria or two please..

After drinking our first jug of sangria between the two of us we were invited to sit with a couple nearer the other bloggers so we could have a more interactive evening. It was really lovely to meet Lucy and Luke, Lucy is a blogger too, her website is www.lucyearnshaw.co.uk if you’d like to discover an awesome new blogger.


We tried a selection of Sangrias over the course of the evening including the ‘Sparkling Tropical Sangria’, ‘Sangria Traditional’ and the ‘Blood Orange Sangria’. My favourite has to be the Sparkling Tropical Sangria. I ordered this one firstly because I wanted something refreshing, bubbly and light. The flavours were beautiful, I could definitely taste the Passion Fruit and Watermelon!

Half Price Sangria Jugs between 4-7 Sunday-Friday guys, just sayin’!

(750ml Carafe)

On to the food..


We were brought out plate after plate of exciting tapas food. They look small but boy you get full after a few tasters. I was a little limited to what I could have (as a coeliac) but the idea was that we got to taste a lot of the items on the menu and get a real flavour of what they have on offer. It was clear on the menu what was and what wasn’t gluten free, they even had a symbol signifying if it had a ‘trace’ of gluten. I guess this means they might have been prepared or fried in the same place as other dishes where gluten may be present. I tried to avoid these dishes as I’m a coeliac – meaning I have to be really careful but as someone with an intolerance you may find these are okay for you.


I adored the salad consisting of olives, goats cheese, an array of unusual tomatoes and pickled red onion. I also really liked the prawns although they were rather spicy to say the least. The others didn’t like the heat so I had their share. The chorizo dish was divine, so warm and comforting (it was cooked in cider which I thought was pretty unique). I had a taste of the chicken wings and the crispy pork belly too which were yummy.

My mouth is seriously watering thinking about all this food!


The Verdict

All in all we had a wonderful experience and we’ll be back. I’d love to go back and try more dishes. I’ve just been eyeing up their set menu’s on their website which start at only £20 (£10 each, two people). You can view the Sheffield site here and all the menu’s are available to view online too! https://www.tapasrevolution.com/sheffield/

As a coeliac dining out can be a bit tricky, but with a little research and knowledgeable chef’s / waiting staff it should never be difficult. Tapas Revolution were great at explaining which dishes were suitable and handed me their ‘allergy book’ so I could double check myself.

I’m really excited to have been invited to Bistrot Pierre to try out their summer menu so if food is your thing, keep an eye out on my blog for more restaurant reviews!

Thanks for reading you lovely lot,




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