Old English Company PR Package – Typography & Homeware Heaven

Simplistic but stylish, decorative items with modern influence. I love The Old English Company, so when they contacted me asking if I’d like to collaborate with them I jumped at the chance. I have to admit it took me a couple of hours on the website to narrow down which pieces I wanted, I have a feeling I’ll be on there again scouting new items within no time!

The enamel pins caught my eye straight away. I am a bit of a pin collector (hoarder) so I had to pick a few up. These are the ones I chose:


In particular I love the ‘Go Get ‘Em’ Tiger Pin Badge. Isn’t he the coolest? I’m a fan of an inspirational quote so this lil guy greatly appealed to me. I’ve been wearing him on my pink faux leather jacket and every time I see him I feel inspired. He’s become my loyal stead so to speak. The others I bought because of their colours as well as what they said. I have plenty of darker coloured pins so it was nice to see pins of all different colours and sizes on their site.

The pins are individually purchased at £7 each. They are brilliant quality with a sturdy black back to securely attach them to an item of clothing. I would say they’re definitely worth their price tag.


I adored the designs of two of my pins so much I decided to get them in mug form too! I really like that they offer two different types of mugs on the website. I’m not sure whether I’m gonna use the enamel mug in it’s traditional form or use it as a plant pot. They are so pretty I kinda just wanna use them as decorative display pieces. Plus I’m running out of cupboard space haha!


All four pins and two mugs came to under £50. Their items are perfect for presents, with so many slogans and quotes to chose from there’s something for everyone. The mugs range from £10-13 each. I love their simplistic monochromatic style, they could fit easily in anyone’s home. They have a range of products from prints to notepads, pillowcases to patches.


There’s all these items I’ve featured and so much more here – Old English Company

I’m off to go and have a second look round. This could be bad for my pocket!

Thanks as always for reading and thanks to Old English Company again for gifting me these beautiful items,

little owl loves for blog



* All items gifted to me from Old English Company in return for a blog post


3 thoughts on “Old English Company PR Package – Typography & Homeware Heaven

  1. I’ve got a little collection of enamel pins growing because i think they’re so cute and look super adorable on denim jackets or bags! I’ve never heard of this company but omg they have such adorable products i neeeed to go on their website! Thanks for sharing!


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