Dreaming of Disney World – Part 2

I’m still finding and editing video footage from our holiday last year!


Little Owl Loves

If you follow me on YouTube you’ll know that over the past year (almost) I’ve slowly been uploading my Disney World vlogs. We went in June 2017, very spontaneously. We saw a deal through Thomson, or TUI as they’re now known (I think like many others I’m going to be saying Thomson for a long time). Here’s my latest vlog which is our last day in Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios if you’d like to have a watch – YouTube Vlog


I’ve also made a Playlist dedicated to my Disney videos too if that’s your thing. I’m guessing if your here, reading this, your a fan of Disney for sure! Disney Vlogs Playlist

I still have a whole host of vlogs to upload including the second day of our road trip to Miami and our last day in Disney Springs etc. I didn’t vlog everything that’s for sure – I kinda wish I’d vlogged more but then again I think I found a happy medium. I didn’t want vlogging to take over from the experience, I didn’t want to just talk to the camera the whole trip.


I call this ‘Dreaming of Disney World – Part 2’ because I wrote a blog post just before going to Disney World last year and I’ve barely written about my experience on here since. I thought it was time to change that.

Dreaming of Disney World Blog Post


It’s been half an hour since I started writing this post and I’ve just wandered onto the TUI site to look at deals. Can you tell I’m desperate to go back? Deals from £800 for two weeks.. I can’t say I’m not tempted!


So where do I start? Writing about my experience of Disney World is something I’ve wanted to do in forever, so I guess let’s start from the top. I never thought I’d have the money to go to America. Don’t get me wrong it’s a costly trip but we got an amazing deal staying off site, flights and car hire for just over £550 each. One thing I’d say is, expect to spend a lot whilst you’re there. Sure you can reel it in by not spending on merchandise but it was a massive part of the overall experience for me. Food is pricey too so don’t think you can scrimp on that one either. One bit of advice I’d give anyone heading to the parks for the first time though is that you can take some snacks and drinks in with you. Oh and you can ask for ‘ice water’ from any of the counter service food places and they’ll give it you, free of charge.


I quickly became addicted to buying pins there, I’ve been building on my collection since I got home. But one thing you do need to do is wise up on pins and pin trading. I’m glad I didn’t do any pin trading as I wouldn’t have had a clue what was good, which were naff and which pins were fake. There are some good fakes out there so it’s easy to get caught out and hey, I’m no expert. Pins were generally between $8 – 14 dollars but I really wanted to purchase something I knew I would make use of. That’s why I only limited myself to one pair of Mickey ears – I’m hardly going to parade around the streets of Sheffield wearing it although I wish it was socially acceptable to be honest!


I’ve never been a Disney mega fan, I’ve always loved Disney and I love watching Disney movies but I wouldn’t have called myself a huge fan. Going to Disney World did it for me though, now I love it more than ever. It’s other-worldly. I really do think whether your a big fan of Disney or not you would love it there. There’s something for everyone and seeing people of all ages having fun is utterly heartwarming.


Let’s talk about ‘Pandora’s World’! This is Disney World’s latest park expansion which is contained in the Animal Kingdom park. It’s immense. I really love the film so going to Pandora when it’d just opened was hugely exciting for me. Flight of Passage is definitely one of my favourite rides, it’s immersive like nothing else I’ve experienced. We had to wait about 2.5 hours to go on it because we had no luck getting a fast pass but it’s definitely worth doing once. The expansion on the park with Pandora’s World has only added two more rides but I’m wondering if they might add to this eventually? The food and drink is great in this part of Animal Kingdom. Satu’li Canteen & Pongu Pongu would be top of the list when I visit again.


The character experiences were boss! I may sound like a giant kid but I even had an autograph book to sign. The special thing about my book though was that it had been signed when my family went years ago so it was nice to add to the signatures. Talking Mickey at the Town Square Theater was awesome, he even used a card magic trick with us. Apart from Mickey my favourite meet & greet has to be Olaf, as he’s my all time favourite Disney character, I could even show off my Olaf Magic Band to him.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, of course I’ll be blogging more about Disney World in the coming weeks and months. Including ride experiences, best food and drink, what I bought / hoarded and what we learnt from our first visit.



6 thoughts on “Dreaming of Disney World – Part 2

  1. You were lucky to get a Disney trip for that cheap! I’d love to visit WDW Florida it’s been on my bucket list since I was a child but it’s usually so expensive that I can’t go at the minute, I’ll get there one day though I’m determined! I’m so jealous of your character meets too! Baymax and Olaf are both on my list of top 10 meets I’d love to do! Can’t wait to watch some of your vlogs!
    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  2. Disney World looks like so much more fun than California Disneyland!! Also, I love your Lion King shirt – anything Lion King is the best in my book! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit! That’s how it was for me too – grew up liking Disney but was never really crazy over it until I stepped foot on Disneyland again and the rest is history.

    ☼ cabin twenty-four


  3. What a lovely read! Florida holds a special place in my heart too, we have been once before in 2015 and have been saving ever since for our next trip this October! It’s total escapism and just the best holiday! I’ve been absolutely loving your Disney Vlogs, yours are some of my favourites out there, you’re right you definitely nailed the balance 👌 I can’t wait to vlog our trip and share the happiness too ☺️🧡


  4. I love this post so much! I went do Disney World a few times because my boyfriend was living in Florida for a while and they will always be the best holidays! I went before the Pandora expansion, I will have to go back to see what the fuss is about 😀


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