Our visit to the new Neal’s Yard Remedies store in Meadowhall, Sheffield


From the moment I stepped into this shop I knew I was going to love it. Of course I’d heard of the brand but I’d never seen their variety of products in the flesh so to speak. My only experience of Neal’s Yard Remedies was one of their hand creams that I’d got in the Marks n Spencer’s Christmas advent calendar. I’m a big fan of hand creams (I know it’s a little sad but I always have one to hand in my handbag). The scent of the store seeps out into the shopping centre – I had a walk around the store and discovered that this was predominantly due to their essential oil diffusers that are constantly vaporising scents into the air. I made my first visit to the store because they had invited me to a blogger event. I couldn’t make it – work clash as usual (I work evenings so this happens quite a bit). When I told them I couldn’t attend they said they would save me a ‘goodie bag’ from the evening, how sweet is that! I was so keen I tripped to Meadowhall the very next day and picked up my bag.


I was so excited to find that my goodie bag contained these beautiful lavender bath salts. I love the attention to detail – the mini scoop, the delicately designed bag and drawstring detail. Plus its 400g so it’s going to last me some time! I love a bath but I don’t indulge in having baths often enough (I think that needs to change). I’ll be back to report on how I enjoy these, but for now I can tell you, I’ve had these sat in my underwear / nightwear drawer and it’s made it smell beautifully of Lavender. Every morning when I go to my drawers I am hit with this gorgeous scent.


The staff are so knowledgeable and make the shopping trip a wonderful experience. When I first stepped into the shop I was offered Nettle tea, very light and refreshing, I was pleasantly surprised and I know it won’t be long until I’m experimenting with more of their tea selection. I loved looking at their extensive selection of essential oils, the lady working there was able to tell me so much about the different plant extracts and ingredients and what they do for the skin, whether it be to nourish, moisturise or detoxify etc. I would love to experiment more with fragrance and buy more natural, organic and cruelty free products, so I know when my purse permits this is definitely the place I’ll be heading to!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Neal’s Yard Remedies. Thanks again to them for saving me a goodie bag and making my last few visits a truly enjoyable experience. If your having a busy shopping day in Meadowhall be sure to drop by, it made me feel more mindful, relaxed and calm (three words of which I wouldn’t associate with indoor mall shopping haha!).

I love brands that focus on wellbeing and cruelty free products and both of these things seem to be central to the ethics of this company.

Thanks for reading as always you lovely lot,

little owl loves for blog



4 thoughts on “Our visit to the new Neal’s Yard Remedies store in Meadowhall, Sheffield

  1. There’s one of these shops in Grand central at Birmingham new street and my Nan went in for a gift set and i was browsing round the store wondering what all these amazing products was! So overwhelmed haah z


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