OOTD – Faux Leather Jacket Styling on a Cold Winter’s Day


Sunday 11th February 2018:

Spontaneous blog content shooting is the best. Me and my sister Lauren planned a Sunday coffee date and a wander round Kelham Island. It’s a beautiful mix of derelict architecture and new developments. The perfect area for outfit snapping and Instagram photo taking, although it is a little slim on the graffiti wall front (which is rather surprising). It’s also really quiet (especially on a Sunday) although let’s face it nowhere is mad busy on a Sunday in Sheffield!


Loreal, are you ready for me?

I often think of how Marilyn Monroe said ‘Women are best windswept’, I normally disagree but I think on this occasion I have to agree with her. I was sporting second day curls (meaning I’d not washed my hair for a whole day). Leaving my hair unwashed for two days is virtually unheard of for me (unless I’m really ill). I am trying to get out of the habit of washing my hair daily but it’s tough. This gal lives with flat lifeless most of the time and a fringe that needs lots of attention (and de-greasing if I’m completely honest). My hair always looks better if it’s been styled with more volume the day before so I’m going to try and spend a little extra time on my locks more often.



Outfit Details:

Leather Jacket – Ancient purchase from Topshop

‘1980’ Green Jumper – Recent sale purchase from Zara

Legging Style Gingham Trousers – TKMaxx

Pins – Punky Pins & Wish (app)

Oriental Floral Handbag – Primark

Blue Faux Fur Boots – Zara

Earrings – Wish (app)


Makeup Details:


Juvia’s Place – Magic Palette

Natural Collection – Liquid Eyeliner

Estee Lauder – Mascara


Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Mannequin


Collection – Eyebrow Kit (Brunette)


Collection – Lasting Perfection Foundation

Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer (01 Fair)

Real Techniques – Makeup Sponges

Spectrum Cosmetics – 10 Essential Collection Brushes






I hope you enjoyed reading this laid back #OOTD blog post.

So often I feel like I don’t have the time to write a lengthy in-depth blog post so I wanted to start working more visually. I love fashion and it’s something I’m experimenting with more and more in my spare time.

I want to continue growing my blog and posting regular content, but with limited free time this can be really hard. This is where Instagram steps in, minus me and everyone else being annoyed with the algorithms it remains my favourite social media app and provides me with a quick way to create and share content. You can find me here

I recently filmed a ‘My Week In Outfits’ Vlog over on my YouTube Channel if you’d like to have a look at other looks I’ve been trying out lately. Click here to have a watch! You can also see what me and Loz got up to and where we went for coffee.

Thanks for reading as always you lovely lot,


little owl loves for blog



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