Juvia’s Place – ‘The Magic Palette’ Review

Looking for a super pigmented playful palette with a variety of colours? Look no further..

I’m a sucker for Beauty Bay and the makeup brands they sell on there. Some of which aren’t on the UK market and therefore are hard to get your mitts on. I have collected rather a few Jeffree Star products including his infamous matte liquid lips – the formulas are amazing! I was browsing the brands one morning and came across Juvia’s Place, a brand of which I had no experience of but had seen in my YouTube subscription box frequently. I think this palette came out quite a while ago – Nikki Tutorials did a look using it back in June/July of last year (still not got my head around the fact were in a new year).

The whole Egyptian Goddess aesthetic really appealed to me. The richness of the shades caught my eye and boom I’d sent a message to my other half exclaiming how much I wanted one! Totally unexpected, he sent me a message back of a screen shot, containing an order number – he’d only gone and bought me the blooming thing! Isn’t he a sweetheart?

Anyway lets take a look at the packaging.. As soon as I opened the box I was in love!


The palette features 16 beautiful shades. I don’t think I’ve seen a palette with so much variation of colour. Initially I was drawn to the gold and pinky toned shimmers. I’m a bit of a eyeshadow noob I must admit. I have quite a lot but they’re quite safe in colour choice – I would normally rather wear a bold lip paired with a subtle eye look than go all out with the eyes. This year that changes!


I’m a massive fan of eyeliner and since NYX brought out the ‘Vivid Bright’ collection I’ve been more and more expressive with colourful eye looks. My sister bought me two more at Christmas, a burnt orange shade and a pastel lilac. They’re going to look boss paired with colours from this palette!


I haven’t done the usual swatch thing bloggers do but believe me the pigment is wonderful. You really don’t have to get much on your brush to cover your whole eyelid. Within minutes of opening the palette I was playing around with colours. I was due to leave the house in 10 minutes so I had a bit of an experiment – I’m not sure it was my wisest move as I was in a brightly coloured striped jumper. Colour overload haha!

Here are some looks I’ve created using the Magic Palette.

If you’ve got it let me know which colours you’ve been enjoying. I’m yet to try out the darker shades and the blue / purple / green tones (which is half the palette).

First Look: My first ever cut crease!


Eyeliner: NYX Vivid Brights in ‘Fire’




Second Look:


Eyeliner: Natural Collection – Black (makeup bag staple!)



I really hope you enjoyed seeing the first two eyeshadow looks I created using this palette. The colours have so much depth, are so versatile and really switch up an everyday makeup look. Who says you can’t look this fancy every day?

Interested in buying the palette? It’s £30 and you’ll find it here!

Thanks for reading as always you lovely lot,



Coming soon:

More fashion content – A huge ASOS haul!

Of course I’m wearing the eyeshadow palette here too but there aren’t any close ups to see the look fully.

Take a look at my latest ASOS haul on my YouTube channel here!

5 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place – ‘The Magic Palette’ Review

  1. That first cut crease is beautiful! I looked at getting one of these palettes but don’t really do many looks with bright colours, you manage to make them look good and pull them off though!

    Jess xx


  2. That first look is so fun! I’d never have gone for that colour eyeliner, but we’ve got similar colouring and it works so beautifully on you! Really bold choices, but it’s not overdone.

    I’ve seen these palettes a lot (Beauty Bay is my go-to as well!); got a Saint + Sinner palette for Christmas though so no more eyeshadow for me for a while, but this would make a perfect summer treat! Can’t wait to see what you create next! xo


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