2018 Goals & Plans


It’s the 11th January and I’m finally getting round to writing this up. I’ve been jotting down ideas of what I want to accomplish and do in 2018 but I thought it’d be good to have it all written down on my little space on the internet.

I have mixed feelings about New Years Resolutions. I have to admit I feel immense pressure to be doing something ‘amazing’ when midnight hits and counting down to a new year leaves me with a funny feeling! Anyone else? I don’t think I’m alone. I think a lot of people wait in anticipation and then when midnight strikes your like.. huh.. okay.. nothing happened.. but we’ve ticked over into another year.

I have this lasting memory of my child self thinking ‘I wonder what the world will be like and what my life will be like by 2020’ and guess what kid, it’s only 2 years until I find out!

I like being organised, I like keeping track of my progress and I do this all year round so when a new year starts it gives my brain chance to think about what I have or haven’t achieved in the year previous. Therefore it gives me a lot to think about (and sometimes dwell too much on) and allows you to step back and have a look at what’s been happening.

Anyway, I thought I’d just list a few key goals and plans I have set out for 2018


Create more fashion content – Lookbooks & Hauls

Continue to make travel vlogs

Make a YouTube Intro


Dress more colourfully

Be brave with my outfit choices – pattern clash, wear colour, mix textures

Accessorise more – yes that involves more tassel earrings!


Visit Australia for the first time – June 2018

Go on more ‘Staycations’ – so far we have trips to Manchester, Birmingham & London booked!

Go on holiday with my close family

Explore more coffee shops, bars and pubs in Sheffield


Eat healthier – be more aware of what I’m putting in my body

Exercise on a regular basis – do weights too, I want to feel stronger (especially my upper body)

Eat less meat – I’d say I only eat meat once/twice a week so I wanna keep that up

Keep tracking alcohol consummation – see it as a well earned treat!


Complete second year of masters degree

Start second placement


Do more to spare bedroom/study – continue with art wall

Buy more homewares – tkmaxx is where it’s at!

Work on colour themes in the house – accessorise using candles, plant pots, photo frames etc.

Learn to cook different cuisines


Start thinking about art website – build up drawing collection to eventually make prints of

Create ‘Little Owl Loves’ logo – add creative elements to Blog and YouTube channel


Really hope you enjoyed reading my list of plans and goals for 2018!

Let me know some of your goals in the comments belowcropped-little-owl-loves-for-blog.png





2 thoughts on “2018 Goals & Plans

  1. These goal posts have got me all motivated, love them! I think your fashion ones are so fun, and I can’t wait to see some of the outfits you put together! These are so achievable, you can do it! If you ever want any weightlifting pointers, I spend my life online! πŸ™‚ xo


  2. I think it’s great to have goals and resolutions etc but I also think the key is to not get too hung up on if they don’t work etc as life gets in the way sometimes! Looks like you’ve set some great and achievable goals though!! Great post xx


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