My Favourite Fashion Accessory Right Now – The Tassel Earring

I’ve recently fallen back in love with earrings. The tassel earring trend was massively popular in 2017 and I’m determined to keep that going this year. If you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel you’ll see I’ve been hauling all sorts from Wish – have a little watch here if you’d like! A statement earring is the perfect way to dress up an outfit, even if your just dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.

Here are my 4 favourite pairs of earrings at the moment –

No 1. Sailor Moon

I adore these cute gold acrylic earrings. As the name suggests they are inspired by the TV series ‘Sailor Moon’. I spotted these on Wish (you guessed it!). They only cost roughly £2 so they were a no-brainer buy. Get in my basket! I paired them with space inspired makeup and bold red get up on Christmas eve. These are a well worn pair of earrings and I only bought them back in December. I feel like they really suit the current season.


No 2. Freedom Yellow Statement Tassel Earrings

These vibrant earrings are by ‘Freedom Jewellery’ which I’m sure you’ve seen in Topshop. I entered a competition on their Instagram and I won! Hell yes! They sent me these and a delicate pair of silver metal earrings. These are the infamous, buy-in-every-colour earrings that everyone has a pair of. I’m really into yellow accessories at the moment so I’m glad I got this colour. I paired them with this multi-coloured stripe jumper from ASOS. I love how versatile this jumper is, you could wear it with a variety of bold colours.


No 3. Half Moon Tassel Earrings

Again, these were a Wish purchase. I love the elongated shape of them and the delicate tassel detail. I bought this colour combination as I thought they’d be more subtle and suitable for day-to-day wear.

No 4. Topshop Layered Black Tassel Earrings

I simply adore these Topshop fan layered earrings. These were a bit pricier than the others, from memory they were about £20 but this was before I knew anything about Wish and I was looking for a pair of statement earrings for The Northern Blog Awards. My dress was covered in rose gold sequins so I wanted something classic, toned down and of one block colour. These are arguably my most worn pair, who doesn’t love wearing classic black and the chain detail is gorge.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I might do a follow up as I have an abundance of earrings and more on their way to me in the post (oops!)

Thanks for reading you lovely lot





10 thoughts on “My Favourite Fashion Accessory Right Now – The Tassel Earring

  1. These are so pretty! They’re absolutely made for your face shape, and the yellow Topshop ones in particular are to die for! I’ve just watched the accompanying video, and I could juat eat you with a spoon – so lovely! I think Wish is amazing too. My ears have closed up, but I’m getting them re-pierced next month and some black tassel earring are definitely on the cards now! xo


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