Feeling Frazzled – How to successfully live a busy life

Life is busy and I had my periodic semi ‘breakdown’ again last week. Like most people (I’m sure) it’s hard to find time for everything and everyone. A year and 6 months ago I started my masters degree, I also carried on working part time, moved in with my partner and endeavoured to consistently upload on either my blog or YouTube – my life seems to have gathered significant pace. Sometimes this leads to me feeling completely overwhelmed and like I’m juggling too many plates.

It’s always good to remind yourself that busy is good. Life would be boring if it wasn’t varietal and ever-changing. We all crave new experiences and ventures. Sure, a 9-5 job with a steady wage would bring positives in some ways, you’d know where you were and when week to week. But maybe that just isn’t for me.. not yet anyway!

I actually started this blog post 2 months ago, I remember I felt completely frazzled, I was almost tearing my hair out. Life was hectic and I felt like I couldn’t keep up. I guess I wanted to get how I was feeling out somehow, hence getting my thoughts out and writing this blog post.

Which leads me to think.. Am I good at looking after myself when I need it? Am I saying no to people? Do I make time for self care?

The answer is often no

In 2018 I want to make time for me too, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. It’s okay to think of your own mental wellbeing. It’s vital to look after your own mental health as well as physical. After all, how can you be there for others when your mind is somewhere else. To be your best self is to love yourself as well as others.

I absolutely love the term ‘Be your best self’, it’s something my boyfriend has started saying to me when I do something for me or something I enjoy.

Here are a few things which I feel might  help others who feel the same and I might be able to refer to when I’m feeling stressed –

Don’t see being busy as a negative thing

See it as positive. You’re an able human being on the most basic level, with a lot to offer the world. Sometimes we can’t see that because we’re so busy comparing ourselves to others. But we are uniquely, unique and being busy means we are living and achieving something every single moment.

Take some time out

Even if it’s 10 minutes. Give yourself little breaks and necessary down time. Eat something you fancy, blast your favourite song, crazy dance, make plans, day dream. Living in the present is so important but planning things for the future and giving yourself rewards can fuel your motivation.

Fuel your body with what you love!

Make your to-do list in order of importance

..and don’t be disheartened if you don’t get everything ticked off!

I’m a devil when it comes to lists, I write huge ones, ones so long I know I’ll never realistically tick everything off. There Emma, you’ve admitted it, now give yourself a break haha!

Sometimes it’s the easiest option to skip the top items on your list. The first few bullet points are normally your priority but they may also be things you’ve been putting off for a while – so get them done and you’ll feel soooo much better for it.


This kinda relates to the point above, about knowing which things need to be done and which can wait til tomorrow. Schedule in your diary pockets of time to ‘get shit done’, then you won’t be rushing around last minute trying to do them.

When you’ve achieved something give yourself breaks and rewards

I think I’ve mentioned this already but it’s always a good idea to give yourself rewards no matter how big or small in order to get through a task on the ‘need to do’ list. For example, I came out of work today knowing I had a plan to blog and watch YouTube videos tonight, I also picked over reduced food from M&S so that I wouldn’t have to waste my evening cooking.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.. well not quite!

Don’t expect too much of yourself

We often feel we have failed if we haven’t done everything we wanted to. We often set unrealistic expectations, so focus on a realistic amount of work to get done that day.

What is going to happen if you don’t get everything done?

The earth will still spin. Life will go on. Try to put things into perspective.

Be kinder to yourself and appreciate your hard work!

I’m sorry if that was all a bit random but I had a thought and just rolled with it. Hopefully I can read back on this and feel a little more positive after doing so.

What are your tips on being busy but not burning out?

How do you look after yourself and your mental wellbeing?

What do you do when your brain feels at full capacity and life feels overwhelming?

Thanks for reading you lovely lot,




9 thoughts on “Feeling Frazzled – How to successfully live a busy life

  1. “Don’t see being busy as a negative thing” – THIS. A lot of bloggers would have us living like formless slugs, doing nothing but chilling in a duvet burrito and drinking chai 😂.

    *My phone has just had a notification saying you’ve commented on my blog – the eff?! Haha! Spooky!*

    I love being busy not just ‘cuz there’s life in my bones and I’m only 26, but because it makes chilling feel good too. Being frazzled is a bad thing when consistent and you get no break, but working hard is part of what makes us feel alive!

    Agree with all of this, and so happy to see you posting again 😊. xo


  2. I can relate to this 100%! It’s super important to take time for ourselves and not burn out when life gets on top of us, we should all be a bit easier on ourselves!

    Lovely post ❤️ x


  3. “Be kinder to yourself and appreciate your hard work!” What a great phrase and one we should all remember. I’m going to try meditation this year – apparently just 5-10 minutes a day can actually help you focus more. And at the least, you get some quiet time to yourself. 🙂


  4. This is something I can really relate to. I am constantly feeling frazzled and burnt out. I always have so much on and the first thing that suffers is the time I spend on myself. I really need to work on that this year.


  5. It’s really important to learn to say no and to make time for yourself. It also helps you to focus on being better at the things that are really important.


  6. Great post! It is so true, life can be all consuming as we strive and worry about life and the struggles that come with it. Its so important to stop, take stock of all the wonderful things we have in life….rather than be consumed by what we don’t have. The grass is not always greener on the other side….


  7. What a fabulous post… I totally can relate and I wish I could relax more and say no a bit more and be a bit more “selfish”.. I think that’s something I need to work on a bit.. It is important to have a break and it is ok to say no time to time.. thank you for a lovely post!


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