The Bedtime Tag

Hi everyone!

Recently I was tagged by the lovely Rebecca at Meadow Daisy to do ‘The Bedtime Tag’. The whole of today has felt like bedtime, it’s rained most the day (hello winter) and a blanket of fog has descended. I do not want to leave this cosy blanket situation and go out to work tonight!

Anyway you should definitely go check out Rebecca’s Blog! If your a Disney obsessive like me you’ll love it. It’s full of tips and insider knowledge on travelling to Orlando and Blackpool alike – she’s definitely been of help to me lately as we’re going to Blackpool at the end of the month and she has a very extensive blog post featuring ’50 must do’s in Blackpool’.

Anyway, let’s get into the theme of the post ‘bedtime’ (I’m good at getting off topic)…

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine

It is slightly different every night to be honest – some nights I get in from work past 11pm so it’s a mad dash to get washed, changed into something comfy and crash. On my evenings off I like to give myself a bit more time to relax and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Most evening’s me and Eddie do mindfulness – we have this wonderful app called ‘Headspace’. Andy Puddicombe facilitates the meditative sessions, he’s got a really relaxing approach and tone of voice. I once tried another meditation app and I couldn’t take to her squeaky american accent (I think I only gave it a few minutes before giving up). It’s so important to find someone your happy to listen to – they are going to lead you through relaxation and mindfulness after all. If your interested in Headspace take a look at what their about here It’s a subcription service and costs £9.99pm unless you subscribe for a longer period (1/2 years) where you can get subscriptions below a fiver per month.

As for my skincare routine it varies. Sometimes I do the basics of taking my makeup off with miscellar water (I never fall asleep in makeup, no matter how tired I am). Sometimes I play around with different night creams, exfoliators etc.

My current fave skincare products to use at bedtime are-

  • Rituals of Sakura – Magic Touch Body Cream (Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom) Buy here
  • Alpha H – Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid – Buy here
  • Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair – Buy here
  • No7 – Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream – Buy here


2. What are your favourite pyjamas?

Most nights I sleep in a tshirt and leggings to be honest. At the moment I’m sleeping in Pusheen t-shirts (from Primark) and I’ve just dug out my Pusheen Christmas leggings from H&M, never too early right?!


Apart from that I have some thick star print pj’s from Primark that I love. Anything that is cosy and excessively fluffy will do!

3. What is your current bedtime reading?

I would love to read more but the reality is – I just don’t read much. The last book I picked up was The Danish Girl, I’m about a third through. I also got about half of the way through Room – I loved the film, I really must go back to the book!

4. What would I find on your bedside table?

If you’d have asked me a few days ago, I’d have said a lot of mess. I’ve had a tidy up now and I’ve got a huge lamp, my line a day journal, my Vit D, Calcium & C tablets so I can’t forget to take them (although I still do sometimes), a water bottle and my headphones. All the essentials of course!

5. What scent makes you sleepy?

I’ve recently started using Feather & Down’s Pillow Spray, it’s Chamomile and Lavender – Buy here but for me Rituals of Sakura Body Milk IS bedtime, (that I mentioned earlier up in the post) and I’m running dangerous low of it! They used to stock in M&S but sadly don’t anymore so I’ll have to re-purchase online.

It has a beautiful delicate oriental scent and glides over the whole body beautifully. When I smell it on my skin I feel sleepy, it really does make me think of jumping in bed and becoming a toasty warm marshmallow.

6. What is your usual bedtime and wake-up time?

I try and go to bed before midnight but sometimes it is more like 12:30. I normally stay in bed until 9ish. Depends whether I’ve got uni or an early meeting or shift (which is infrequent). I like to get a good 8 hours of sleep to feel well rested.

7. What are your top three bedtime products?

I mentioned some of my fave bedtime products earlier..

My top 3 would be-

  • Rituals of Sakura Body Milk – Buy here
  • Miscellar Water by Garnier (It’s a makeup removal must have!)
  • A hair bobble (basic I know but I like sleeping with my hair up and out of the way)

8. What is your most common sleeping position?

I always end up with one leg out of the bed, it’s usually hugging the duvet. So I sleep on my side mainly. I have woken up however on my back with Kit (my Kat) on me! I didn’t realise I slept on my back until I felt his body weight on my tummy (whilst he purrs his head off – which wakes me up)


9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

Just me, my man and Kit. I always wonder where Kit is if he’s not settling down to sleep on the bed with us. I normally stick my head out of the back door to shout him in for bedtime cuddles (and a treat or two). I always make sure my ‘Hunny’ Winnie The Pooh (gigantic) mug is on my bedside full of water too incase I need it in the night or first thing in the morning.

10. What is your worst bedtime habit?

Honestly, staring at my phone right up until the moment I go to sleep. I try not to. I much prefer to have a 10/15 minute Mindfulness session with Headspace. My other bad habit is bringing a cup of tea to bed, CAFFEINE! Although I don’t feel it affects my ability to fall asleep.

Hope you enjoyed reading this…

I’m going to nominate three lovelies to do this tag too!

Little Owl Loves



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6 thoughts on “The Bedtime Tag

  1. Ahh, I loved reading your answers! I’ll have to get some of that pillow spray. I have started using them recently and find they help so much when it comes to getting to sleep! Glad to see someone else who takes their pet to bed too…. the bed feels proper weird without that weight at the end of it! x


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