The Halloween Tag

Hey everyone!

I’m feeling extra ghoulish this year. I’m in bed feeling zombified (bad cold and fever). Honestly if I was to go out right now people would think Halloween had come early!

Anyway anyone who knows me will know I love Halloween! I love hosting parties at mine and fancy dress occassions. Halloween is the ultimate fancy dress night in my eyes! I was planning on doing the autumn tag but then I stumbled across Halloween Tag blog posts and thought I’d do this first. I’ve stolen some questions from here and there – here are 10 questions I was excited to answer.

Hope you enjoy reading and steal the questions if you like, we can be a thread of copycats!

My Halloween Decorated Living Room

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

My favourite Halloween movie has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas. I watch it when it’s not even Halloween (OBSESSED). On a side note: I really wanna dress up as Sally one day, but it takes a good outfit and a lot of body paint to pull that one off!

Aside from NB4C I’m not a big horror fan so I don’t watch many Halloween style films.

What is your first Halloween memory?

Probably trick or treating. I remember one year getting over £20 (as well as a bag full of sweets) and feeling rich haha! Now I’m all grown up, we’ve got own own place for trick or treaters to come round too! Sadly this year we won’t be in though, as we’ll be in Blackpool!

Have you always been a Halloween lover?

I have! One of my favourite times of the year for sure. I’ve always loved the Autumn season. Halloween, then my birthday and bonfire night the day after. I was a bit of a goth / emo kid as a teenager so I guess I loved that time of year as I got to express myself through fashion.

How do you get into the Halloween spirit?

Well, I decorate. I have to admit, my decorations were up before the 1st Oct this year. I couldn’t resist! Why only enjoy it on one day of the year? Like Christmas you should enjoy your decorations for longer (otherwise it’s a waste of money in my opinion). I also love online browsing the high street shops that stock Halloween items (New Look, H&M etc.) Oh and a must every year is to buy at least one thing from TKMaxx’s Halloween stock. This year I bought the ‘Happy Halloween’ and the (VERY ODD) Rhino with a pumpkin on it’s back ornament. I got home and thought, what the hell have I bought?

Oh well, it’s unique, I’ll never find a piece like that again!

TKMaxx Purchase £16.99

Favourite Halloween decoration?

Probably the above!

I do love my bat lights though (think I got them from poundland last year).

How do you plan to spend this Halloween?

I will be in Blackpool seeing ‘VOODOO’ by Circus of Horrors! Excited much!

My plan is to celebrate Halloween the weekend before with friends.

Name one unusual thing your afraid of?

Huge flags. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a thing. I only discovered this fear of mine last year in Madrid.

Oh and tall buildings. I want to go to New York but the tall buildings might terrify me!

Favourite halloween song?

‘This is Halloween’ OBVS. Apart from that I love ‘Monster Mash’ CLASSIC!

“The coffin-bangers were about to arrive,
With their vocal group, ‘The Crypt-Kicker Five'”

Do you enjoy carving pumpkins?

To be honest not really, I find it’s a lot of faffing around. Next time I carve one I’m going to make pumpkin soup with the innards.

Halloween party or movie marathon?

Party! I love get togethers. Especially with a fancy dress theme! Really need to decide what I’m dressing up as this year.

Both Candle Holders from Poundland

Hope you enjoyed reading fellow halloween fanatics. What are your plans this halloween? And have you done a similar tag? I’d love to read. Comment with your posts!

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5 thoughts on “The Halloween Tag

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  2. I love your rhino decoration, it’s so fancy! I should make more of an effort with my decorations but you gotta love Poundland too! I hope you have an amazing time in Blackpool at Halloween, it’ll be so much fun! x


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