What I’m digging right now – My August Favourites

It’s almost 10pm and as always, inspiration has hit me. Why do I never feel like this first thing in the morning? In reality there must be a lot of us night owls out there!

I thought my blog needed a bit of activity, it’s been 2 whole months since I blogged about anything. I do feel like I have a valid enough excuse though, I’ve been super into YouTube, I’ve been uploading twice weekly which is very time consuming. I love the feeling of getting a new video out there and connecting with other small youtubers. I feel like I can really be creative with youtube. I love (and hate) the editing process, it depends how many erms and pauses I have to edit out haha! I love all the small details like fading music and video transitions. Maybe I did the wrong degree? (Although I’ve already been thinking that for some time now!)



It’s something I like to watch people do so I thought why not give it a go myself. I thought it might be boring daily vlogging, lets admit it exciting things don’t happen ALL the time. But then I realised I was watching vloggers like Helen Anderson every day, even when she’s just cooking tea or running errands I still enjoy watching her.

I’m attempting Vlaugust at the moment – the clues in the name, Vlogging & August put together, clever huh? I’m not uploading daily though, I don’t feel like I have enough to ramble about every day. I’ve decided to make compilations of clips every 10 days or so and sort of throw them together in a nicely edited fashion. I’ve just uploaded my first one if you’d like to take a look – August Vlog: Days 1-10 Art, DIY & Homemaking

I was lucky enough to be nominated and shortlisted for my youtube vlogs! So excited for my first Blogger / Youtube event ‘Northern Blog Awards’ in September. I’ve never been to an event when I’m actually up for an awards so that’s exciting (and terrifying) not that I expect to win, there are so many blogging babes in the same category! Fancy coming along? You can grab a ticket here – Northern Blog Awards Early Bird Tickets!


Making plans

I like to think of myself as very organised, or obsessively trying to be haha! I picked up this awesome planner from TKMaxx recently. It’s pretty big to lug around but I need something with lots of space to write lists, to do’s and plans. I saw this and the photograph spoke to me straight away. I’m living for adventures and journeys right now. Two months ago (time flies), we were in America having the time of our lives. I know this sounds romanticized (believe me it is, I have rose tinted glasses) but I’ve wanted to go there forever and being there was amazing. I love travelling, experiencing another place, another culture, another way of life. I know that when I feel low or a bit bored with the mundanity of life, I can look at this planner and dream of our next adventure.

The ultimate goal is to be a travel vlogger, am I right? Dreamy!



This relates a bit to my last favourite. Right now I’m embracing every time the clouds shift and the sun makes an appearance. Being a British girl, I know we aren’t blessed with the best weather in the world so I’m making the most of it. I think I can list the number of days we’ve had GREAT weather on two hands and it’s almost Autumn (which I’m sure I’ll embrace with open arms once pumpkin spice latte’s are back). I can’t deny that I’m wishful for more sunshine and a little sad that we’re almost through summer. But then again there is halloween… and bonfire night… and my birthday… and then we’ve got Christmas. Okay, okay, maybe I won’t mourn summer too much!



The one good thing about the university summer hols and not having much work is I have much more time to be creative, hence the influx of activity on my YouTube Channel. I’ve been drawing for fun and also some financial gain. This is my latest illustrative fineliner and watercolour portrait of David Bowie. If you know me you’ll know I adore this man (he’s a year round favourite). I’m hoping to have a website up and running soon so I can start and sell some prints (I might also need a printer and scanner though in order to do so). So keep your eyes peeled if hand-drawn portraits are your kinda thing. I am available for commissions if you’d like to drop me an email – emma.louise321@hotmail.co.uk


Expanding my Disney Collection

I always knew I loved Disney and I’m still a sucker for a kids film but going to Disney World in Orlando really has redefined my love for all things Disney. Not only that I’ve had my eyes opened to collectable items I knew very little about. My favourite thing to collect are pins (ebay is being very good to me) and I’ve started collecting mainly Olaf and Nightmare Before Christmas ones. Talk about contrast haha! Olaf is just adorable, he has to be my all time favourite and NBC satisfies my inner goth/emo child tendancies. I recently uploaded a Disney Deliveries vlog if you’d like to see some of my newest items in a bit more detail.


Spontaneous Cinema Trips

..or do I solely go for the Tango Ice Blasts? Those things are soooo good!

I don’t go to the cinema very often but when I do I’m always like, why do I not come more often? We went to see Baby Driver most recently which I wasn’t too keen on seeing having seen the trailer and come to the conclusion it wouldn’t be very good but I let Eddie pick our movie so I thought meh it’ll probably be okay. I was so wrong, it was great and I haven’t enjoyed a movie that much in ages! I can’t say exactly why I loved it so much but I think it has something to do with the soundtrack and how it’s incorporated so well. Oh and Jon Hamm, DEFINITELY Jon Hamm.


Skinny Tan

Now you can have that, ‘just come back off holiday’ look all year round (only that’s not true for me because I SIMPLY DON’T TAN). I actually used some tanning products before my two week holiday to America and I came back looking paler than when I went.

The 1 hour express mousse is fabulous, although I have to say I leave it on at least 3/4 hours to get a decent result. It’s streak free, scent free and mess free. I’ve never had a tanning product I’ve enjoyed so much, not that I’m a pro tanner by any means!

Skinny Tan Brand & Product Review


Primark’s Beauty and The Beast Range

Nope, I’m not one teeny tiny bit ashamed, I bought them all! After seeing BATB for the first time only a few weeks ago I’m completely in love with it. No wonder everyone’s mad on it. Sadly though, my local primark had nothing much to offer, I only managed to get the Chip mug & purse myself, the rest were bought online (but I wasn’t letting myself get ripped off either) two kind people managed to get me the rest of the purse set. The only thing I’m wondering now is what on earth I’m going to do with them. I think they make a nice display but I’d like to actually use them for something. Anyone got any ideas?


And there we have it, another month, another bunch of things I’ve been loving. I’d love to see your August faves so leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to check ’em out.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back again very soon!




11 thoughts on “What I’m digging right now – My August Favourites

  1. Omggggg you’re such a talented artist! That David Bowie sketch is amazingggg! Ah I’ve been trying to get my hands on the beauty and the beast range for weeks and it’s legit like gold dust, my primary is so rubbish! Really enjoyed reading this ❤



  2. I feel on the Disney collecting thing. I recently went to Disneyland Resort in California and had to contain myself from spending all my money on just Disney pins. It’s a habit I didn’t need but here I am lol. Also, I’m loving the Primark Beauty and The Beast range as well. Sad Primarks in the US don’t have everything like the UK ones do!


  3. I’m the same, I always get blog inspiration late at night! I always mean to get up early and be productive but it always seems to happen in the evening. The Beauty and the Beast range is so cute, I don’t blame you for buying them all!


  4. Nice post! I def can relate to those late night creative blog ideas too!
    And also about going more often to the movies. But then I remember I can’t pause the movie to grab some more popcorn. So I go like “oh, that’s why I don’t come to the movies that often” 😂


  5. You should have won at the NBAs Mrs but there’s always next year.
    Love your Bowie drawing. I went to Art College I really need to get my pencils out again.
    I tend to get inspired at 3.00am it’s ridiculous … then I’m so buzzing I can’t skeep again zzz
    Tracey xx


    1. Aren’t you sweet! Just being nominated was good enough for me – maybe next time! Oh you should – thanks hun! I think it helps to draw / recreate someone you love and actually want to draw!
      Haha I know how that feels – I always get inspired late at night too. I can have had the laziest day or most uninspiring day and then light bulb.. and I can’t sleep! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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