The Botanist, Sheffield – Trying the new menu!

Last week I was invited (with a +1) to go to The Botanist and experience their new menu. Of course I was very excited about this opportunity. Who doesn’t love food? So we got our table booked, 7:30pm last Tuesday. What an absolute delight the place was. From the word go we were greeted by multiple members of staff and the whole vibe there is just beautiful. There was live music (a pianist) and I believe they have different entertainment every night! This really added to the wonder of the place.

Before I say more about the food & drink I really must mention Victoria who made the whole experience memorable for us. She is such a credit to that place and I really enjoyed chatting to her throughout the evening.


The decor is botanical (like the name suggests), whimsical, green and outdoorsy. It reminds me a little of Alice in Wonderland. Bringing the outdoors in. Anyway onto the menu…

Decisions, Decisions..

What I’m wearing: White Frilly Tshirt – Primark, Heron Print Kimono – Topshop

I’ve been to the Botanist before. We went for my sister’s birthday this year and sat in the ‘Kaleidoscope Emporium’ (I will post a picture below of it) – which is a greenhouse like area that I’m guessing gets booked very quickly! So if your fancying an even better setting for your special meal at The Botanist, ring up and reserve it quick.

Cocktail List

There really are so many great options on the menu. We decided to try one of the new cocktails and I was recommended the ‘Velvet Green’ which came in a Martini glass. It was absolutely gorgeous, and way too easy drinking haha! I’m not normally a gin drinker – I find gin a bit dry in taste but this was just lovely. It had no element of that. The whole drink was beautifully made, I loved the creamy egg whites on the top and the apple taste was subtle. I expected it to taste a bit artificial but it didn’t in the slightest!



One of those who like beer and whisky, what a combination! Eddie had the ‘Botanical Brew’ and he loved it. It was presented in a pint glass. Again, Ed remarked that it was too easy drinking and he could drink them all evening.


Onto the food..

If you’ve ever been on my YouTube channel (click here) you’ll know eating out can be a bit of a challenge for me and I like to hunt out good gluten free places wherever I am. They had a nutrition / allergy sheet that I could consult whilst looking through the menu. I was happy to see quite a few of their mains were gluten free including the sides although starter wise we struggled. To my knowledge the pork scratchings (this massively surprised me) on the ‘nibbles’ section were gf and so were the chicken wings with peri-peri sauce. I chose the latter and they came in the cutest small wicker basket. Priced at £6.50 I thought they were pretty reasonable and the sauce was delicious.


On to the best bit which was undoubtedly my ‘Salt & Pepper Pork Belly’, my goodness was it good? I’m drooling thinking about it to be honest. It came with ‘properly’ seasoned chips which were great, they still had the skins on so in my eyes were proper chips. I had the chicken with garlic butter hanging kebab last time I went to The Botanist which was equally flavourful and beautifully cooked. If your looking for a vegetarian option they have a halloumi and falafel one with garlic butter and cauliflower couscous. That sounds super too!

Quick Eddie take a picture before I eat it!


Ed had the ‘Prawn and Chicken Gumbo’ – it’s a paella style dish, it has king prawns, chicken, chilli, white rice and spring onion in. He tells me it’s lovely but don’t think I was able to sample because of my gluten allergy.

I can’t say how much we enjoyed the whole evening. It really was a delight to get to try some of their amazing food and we will definitely be back in the near future!

The Main Bar – isn’t it stunning?
Our Cosy Corner


When it comes to dining in Sheffield, The Botanist is unparalleled. A mixture of different cuisines, it caters for everyone. I might try the Malaysian curry next time. There is plenty of British style food on the menu so if that’s your jam then you’ll love it here too!

Click here to look at the menu


Thank you Botanist, see you soon!

Little Owl Loves




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