Disney World Outfit Planning Video (YouTube) and a bit of a catch up

Little Owl Loves YouTube Channel

Hello everyone!

Okay so I’m getting a little if not a lot excited about Disney World. Who wouldn’t be?

I have a feeling I’m going to be making more Disney inspired videos (if I have time) before we jet off to Florida this month. I thought I’d just link you guys to my latest Disney installment. In this I talk specifically about what I’m packing, clothing and toiletry wise which you can watch here – Click here (sorry that sounds spammy, I promise it’s not!) Who doesn’t get excited about stocking up on toiletries before your trip right? (Hoping I’m not the only one!)


I’m having a mad couple of weeks before we go, life is so busy, it doesn’t help that Disney World is the only thing I can think about and I’ve still got university deadlines looming and work to go to haha! In addition I’ve stumbled across loads of exciting blogger opportunities which I’m trying to cram in before the holiday too.


The Botanist


Last night we went to The Botanist to try out their new and improved menu – it was frankly amazing, the whole night was perfect from how attentive the staff were, to how gorgeous the place was, oh and not forgetting to mention how amazing the food and drink was too! I’ll be blogging about our experience in detail over the coming couple of days so do watch out for that.


Style Sheffield

Also, tomorrow night I’m attending the Catwalk Finale show at the Cathedral in Sheffield. It’s part of Style Sheffield which is an event that has been running at all different venues the city centre for the last week. If anyone is interested more info and tickets are available here – Style Sheffield Catwalk and the best part is, it’s free to attend!

The Election

And just to end this post, and I know it’s on a much more serious note. But it’s election day tomorrow and of course I will be voting. You should to!

I hope we wake up on Friday in a happier, fairer world. This election is an opportunity for us to change politics.


Thanks for reading as always, talk soon!

Little Owl Loves


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