Dreaming of Disney World

Disney World Inspired Primark Haul

(Yes I have actually dreamed about going lately!)

Hi everyone! Long time no speak, life’s been busy, when is it not? I just thought I’d take some time to blog about something I’m so very excited about… drumroll please…

We’re going to Disney World this month!

I’ve wanted to go for forever and we found a deal with Thomson holidays that we just couldn’t refuse. I’ve always wanted to go to America, my first thought is always visiting the Big Apple but I’m sure we can do that at some point soon too. Anyway I thought I’d just keep this blog post quite chatty and then plan some more in depth blog posts about outfit planning I’ve been doing, what holiday essentials I’ve bought and how we’ve gone about planning the trip as a whole (disney tickets, fastpasses etc.). If that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know. I’ve been YouTube-ing like crazy, watching videos on planning to on-ride videos (yep, I’m a bit of a wuss so I’ve been working out which ones I’m brave enough to go on!) to vlogs (I’m trying not to give too much away for myself whilst also gathering a bit of much needed knowledge on Disney World as a whole.


Childhood Dream

So as you’ve probably gathered, I’ve never been before. I did have opportunity to go when I was younger (a lot younger) but as I’d never been away from home before and would probably be asking after my mum within a few hours my family decided it was for the best I stayed at home. Nevertheless, they brought me back a autograph book full of (well half full actually) signatures from my favourite disney characters. I’m sure I loved it and wholeheartedly believed they’d met the REAL Mickey Mouse.


I will definitely be taking this book along with me to grab all my faves for an updated signature. The other notepad in the background is my planning journal, I really do love stationary and organising plus who doesn’t love a tropical print? I found this gem in TKMaxx, my favourite shopping spot for unusual notebooks.


Style Inspiration

One of the first pieces I bought from ASOS in apprehension of my Disney World trip is this tshirt (which is actually more like a dress, wait scrap that, more like a tent, so I’ll have to change for a smaller size). I have fashion blogger Leanne Woodfull (Leanne’s Instagram) to thank for the inspiration. I saw her post on IG wearing this tshirt and instantly endeavoured to find where she’d bought it from (copy cat I know).

Buy it here: ASOS Top in Cutabout Colourblock Stripe


Leanne has one of my favourite Instagram Accounts. I love her grungy but playful style and her whole IG aesthetic is beaut!

Another blogger, who I’ve been following for a while now is the lovely Megan Ellaby (Megan Ellaby’s Instagram). She has to be my No.1 girl crush. Her style is quirky to say the least and I’m in love with it. I love how she pairs items together and teams clashing colours, this girl is brave to say the least. Right now she is loving the slogan t-shirt trend and so am I! I picked up this ‘Rebel Rebel’ tshirt (which I’m 100% sure she’d approve of) on ASOS also.



I’ve never worn yellow, at least not to my knowledge (I probably did between the ages of 5 & 10 when mama was still dressing me). Anyway I hear yellow is in and I’m desperate for a little colour in my wardrobe so decided to give it a go!

Buy it here: Daisy Street Tall Rebel Motif Tee


My YouTube Plan

I have a YouTube channel and I’m really enjoying filming travel vlogs at the moment – you can watch my latest ones here (Glasgow Vlog & Edinburgh Vlog)

I am planning on filming my time in Orlando but how much I’ll film I’m still unsure of. I love making memories and being able to watch them back but equally I don’t want to feel pressured to film and miss moments because I’m too busy looking at the camera. To quote Katy Perry ‘Are we crazy? Living our lives through a lens?’ Yeah, maybe we are!

But now I’ve got a good camera (Canon G7X) I’m super excited to be able to shoot super quality film. So there WILL be vlogs, I can assure you! If you’d like to subscribe to me then here’s the link – Little Owl Loves YouTube Channel

Also, whilst I’m still on the subject of YouTube, I did film a Primark Haul recently including some things I bought for my Disney World trip, take a look here –

Disney World Inspired Primark Haul!


How cute are these bags? Especially the one on the right! Almost everyone who’s seen me wear it has commented on it, I love the Baby Spice inspo! (Oooo and by the way, they’re both Primark purchases).

Right, I’m going to leave this blog post here. Mainly because I have university work I should be writing right now instead of this haha! I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and come back to read more soon. I’m going to be filming a Disney World Planning & Tips video soon for my YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe so you stay in the loop.


Thanks for reading,

Little Owl Loves





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