Exploring Glasgow Pt.1


We went to Glasgow with a completely open mind, I’ve never been up to Scotland and we love our city breaks so it seemed like a great place to go and explore. We’d planned a day trip right in the middle of our 6 day stay over to Edinburgh, (check out my day in Edinburgh vlog here – VLOG) to experience somewhere else. We stayed right in the centre at a Travelodge, it was actually the cheapest option, marginally better than an Air B&B and obviously the location was the clincher. It’s great staying somewhere where your in the hub of everything going on. We were right next to the Gallery of Modern Art (which by the way, we didn’t even go in but sheltered from the rain a few times infront of it). At night it was lit up beautifully, it’s probably the nicest spot in the centre of Glasgow. I love the sheets of light above you as you walk round the square.


Our first eating spot (I chose this one) was Bread Meats Bread. I’d seen their monstrous burgers on Instagram and of course I wanted to pay them a visit. I’d heard they offer gluten free burger buns so we were onto a winner. Sadly, the oil had been contaminated (they reassured me this was a one off) so I wasn’t able to have chips with it BUT I went for a feta cheese and cucumber (I think it was cucumber from memory) side dish. Which was much much healthier, considering I was going to eat this humongous burger.


Probably my only OOTD snap, Ed didn’t even get my feet in, damn. It was rather chilly when we arrived and stayed grey all week (minus the day we were leaving, blooming typical!) So I’m really glad I took my coat and a couple of jumpers. They were needed! Being from the north (just not as north as Scotland) I’m used to the cold so I was quite prepared. Having said that though, I chose to take a coat that doesn’t do up, silly me!

Anyway, here I am stood infront of Martha’s, Sheffield’s equivalent is probably Nourish. We wen’t here for brunch so I chose a yummy soup. Ed wen’t for a flatbread and curry dish (it was after 11 so practically lunchtime in his eyes). I love their focus on good healthy food, the smoothies and fresh juice selection looked delicious!


We stumbled across Pizza Punks which is a stones throw away from Bread Meats Bread. Of course I was drawn in by the bright neon lights and it’s unique exterior. I was NOT disappointed in any way shape or form, their pizza was quite frankly one of the best I’ve had (if we take our trip to Italy in 2015 out of the equation). Gluten free bases are a really difficult thing to get right, most the time they end up flat as a pancake with no air in them. This one was a little different, I just remember the crust being reaaally good. The place clearly brought out my inner rebel as I was drinking wine by 1pm.

Thanks Pizza Punks, you can have me back anytime you’d like!


Oh and I forgot to mention, they do this unlimited toppings thang, definitely go for that if you take a trip. At first I was expecting the more toppings you get the less you’d get on but they don’t scrimp.


This pretty bar is Soba, hidden away in a tiny back alley off the main shopping strip – Buchanen Street. We went for a couple of mid afternoon drinks before I went shopping (a bit dangerous ay?) They were lovely, the whole menu was different. I do love a cocktail list that doesn’t consist of Woo Woo’s and Purple Rain etc..


On one of the evenings we took a trip to the Finnieston area, we actually walked from the centre thinking it wouldn’t be far, but it’s a fair distance. I’d say it takes about half an hour or more from where we were staying. Nevertheless, I think we needed the walks to work off all the great food we had! Anyway, this is a little detail of the decor in Alchemilla, a pop up restaurant on Argyle Street. I decided to have a sober trip as we’d consumed a few cocktails already that evening so I can’t comment on the drinks but the food was delicious. We shared a few dishes including – hake, wild leeks, wild garlic and brown shrimp and the fried lamb shoulder, crushed chickpeas, red onions and aleppo chilli. The lamb shoulder was easily my favourite dish!


On the subject of Finnieston, we found a gorgeous little bar called The Finnieston. It just over the road from Alchemilla. The cocktail list was absolutely divine, sadly we didn’t get to revisit, too many places on our list (or starred on google maps). It was hard to squeeze every place we’d been recommended in! I love a short drink, and there were plenty of martini’s and similar to choose from. I would definitely recommend going to this place and looking through their interesting and extensive cocktail list.


Along from the central station, this is pretty much the first ‘decent’ coffee shop in sight (taking out your Costa’s and Cafe Nero’s). Riverhill had many a gluten free cake to choose from. I chose one of the cute blueberry and chocolate loaves (top left) with orange icing. I have to say, it felt like the healthiest option, not very rich, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. They had about 4 or 5 gf options on the go and I’d love to return to try some more.


Intrigued? Yes I was too, this amazing installation is hung in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. I think in reflection we could have spent all day in this wondrous place. If your a fan of national history you’ll love their collection of stuffed animals. I am massively interested in Egyptian History and they had a nice exhibit of items from that period. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to go.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the places we went so far. I’m going to do a Pt.2, when I have the time to do so. I’ve got so much more I want to talk about. If your not from Glasgow and has wondered what the place is like I hope I’ve inspired you a little to go on a road trip up there (we had a 5 hour train journey up there – which was actually rather lovely, posh M&S picnic, hell yes!). And if your a Glasgow resident I hope you get some food and drink inspo!


Thanks for engaging with me,

Little Owl Loves



PS. I’ve just uploaded a vlog from our day in Edinburgh if you’d like to take a look – Our Day in Edinburgh – Vlog big love xoxo


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