Got The Blues? The Upcoming Blue Trend

Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided my blog is going to be spontaneous, when I feel inspired to write. Content should never be forced, in my opinion if it is, it will show. I’ve been blogging for a few years now, this is My Old Blog , feel free to have a look and laugh at it’s poor layout – Blogger simply didn’t do it for me and I didn’t wanna spend a chunk of money on a layout either, not when I was just blogging for my own enjoyment.

Today I read an article on Cosmopolitan online in collaboration with Rimmel London –

33 reasons to fall in love with the colour blue this spring.

I felt a sudden burst of inspiration and started thinking about blue items I myself own. So here we go, I hope this doesn’t sound all too random and rambly!

Blue Makeup

In the article, Cosmopolitan talk about different ways you can interject blue in your life. One of my personal faves is the blue eyeliner look. Which reminds me, a few nights ago I was hunting around in my makeup bags for my YSL Blue Pen Eyeliner – sadly I didn’t find it, it’s one of the few ‘designer’ makeup items I’ve splurged on over the last year and I can’t find it, typical!

I just wanted to add here that my friend and fellow YouTuber Reanne looks amazing with bright cobalt blue eyeliner, check out her look here – R E A N N E

I’m delving into the depths of Google Photos to try and drag out a photo of me rocking the blue eyeliner.. Okay I’m lacking in photographic evidence so I’ll try in the meantime to get my NYX blue liquid eyeliner out more often!

Anyway, I thought I’d pull together my favourite blue items in my possession and share them with you!


All the random items I found that I wanted to throw together to create a cute flat lay.

Top-Bottom, Clockwise: ‘Tough Guy’ Patch – Spruce Goose Supply, ‘Fresh’ Eau De Toilette – Moschino, ‘Explorer’ Patch – Lovelocks Cafe, Oliver Bonas Card Wallet, ‘Whistling Past The Graveyard’ Patch – Spruce Goose Supply, ‘Endless Love’ Victoria’s Secret Body Spray.

(Background: Tshirt from Warehouse)

‘Fresh’ by Moschino is the epitome of Springtime, it’s such a light, floral fragrance. I love the irony of it being in a cleaning bottle yet being an expensive couture item, I have to admit the bottle shape is what drew me to it initally. It has notes of Mandarin and Bergamot and exotic ylang-ylang. It’s a very playful and young fragrance. I vow to remember to go for this when getting my perfume fix, I normally go straight for my Olympea (Paco Rabanne) or Wanderlust (Michael Kors) or my all time favourite fragrance Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

I’m planning on doing a blog post or possibly a talk through YouTube video on my pin and patch collection – I’ve hoarded quite a few lately! These patches are amongst my favourite by Spruce Goose Supply who kindly gifted me a collection of their best patches and pins. If you’d like to buy some of their items take a look at their website here Spruce Goose Supply Shop.  Starting at £4 each it’d be a crime not to!


If you’ve seen my latest Blog post March Favourites you’ll know I’ve recently fallen in love with Oliver Bonas. Their whole styling is so classy and fresh, I love their attention to pastel colours and simplistic home decor design. I love this card holder, although admittedly it does look lilac in shade when put next to these more obviously blue items. I love carrying round a simple card holder with a little zip up space for change, gone are the days of lugging round a huge purse!


I’ve fallen a bit out of love with black skinny jeans, well only since I bought this gorgeous pair of blue skintight jeans from H&M. I think the main reason I’ve gone off black a little is the constant picking of hairs off my clothing, it used to just be my hair but now we’ve got a cat I’m noticing his fur on just about everything haha!

Jeans: H&M Edinburgh, Shoes: TKMaxx Liverpool (Bebo – Brand)

I’m partial to a few rips in my jeans. You see rips slashed across the knees on just about every pair of jeans nowadays but I loved how unusual these were, a frayed rip leading up from the ankle. Beaut! Also, how rad are these deep blue velvet boots. I spotted them in Liverpool having already purchased two pairs of shoes that day, inevitably I couldn’t resist these and whipped out my debit card at a moments notice.


I hope having read my blog post you’re a little inspired to add some blue to your life whether it be on your body or in your collection of beauty products. Let me know what colour trends your enjoying right now (my ultimate favourite has to be baby pink!) and how your injecting colour into your wardrobe (without looking like a clown).

Little Owl Loves



2 thoughts on “Got The Blues? The Upcoming Blue Trend

  1. I love blue especially those boots . Delicious.
    I think your right about blogging when you feel like it and not forcing it. I do the same and sometimes they are pretty random !
    Tracey xx


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