March Favourites

Hello everyone! It’s that time again – spring is here, were in April, how did that happen? I usually do a YouTube video talking through my favourites but I thought as I have a brand-spanking-new blog it might be nice to have a chat with you about my current faves on here. So I’ve compiled a list of a few different items and general things I’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks.


So first on the list is H&M Jewellery, If you know me you’ll know I love my chokers and I have a rather large collection. When I saw this ruffle one I had to purchase it straight away! I love the elastic and ruffled look, band on trend. Reminds me of a clown – in a slightly classier way. Overall, I’m not much of a jewellery person, I’m mega particular about what I do and don’t like so finding earrings (which I’d like to wear more of) can be a bit tricky. I don’t know why I always look at statement earrings and think they look nice and then when I actually put them in I don’t like them on. Who’s with me on that one? Tell me I’m not the only awkward picky gal when it comes to jewellery?!

Choker: £5.99

Earrings: £3.99


Oliver Bonas I love you! We don’t have our own branch in Sheffield yet… so when I see one in another city I make an excited dash for the entrance. A few days ago we were up in Glasgow and I discovered they had two stores (one in the West End area and one housed in the train station). I made this compulsive buy as I was just about to board the train to come home – I couldn’t leave without buying something pretty!

Card wallet / small purse: £14


I love Office Shoes at the best of times but when they’re having a sale they’re even better! I found these beauties at half price on Glasgow’s high street last week. They had a lovely 50% off so it would have been a crime not to buy them. I loved the flatform detail in white and wooden textures and how the pink exterior itself was furry itself. The only thing is I’ve definately not broken these in yet, hello mahoosive blisters! I hate this about new shoes and expected these (as they are trainers) to be comfortable – but no!

Shoes: £30 from £60


Gemma Correll is one of my all time favourite artists / illustrators. Her work can be seen all over including and various card shops. I got this in Scribble (a high street card and gift shop). I’ve bought my boyfriend a couple of cards designed by Gemma over the past couple of years and am wondering about framing them. They are only small but I think they’d look cute!

Card: £2.75


And last but certainly not least BREWDOG! I love a good visit to a brewdog – we have one in my hometown of Sheffield and they’re springing up all over the place. I decided to take a beermat (oops). I love their gluten free lager which they often have on tap – Vagabond. And if they don’t have it in that form they always have bottles of it knocking around. Last week I tried a sourmash beer that was gluten free, that was a bit different. Thanks for helping this coeliac enjoy beer again!

Bottle / Pint: £2-4 ish


Hope you enjoyed reading about my latest favourites – most of them derive from my visit to Glasgow at the end of last month. I’m going to be blogging about things we got up to whilst we were up in Glasgow and Edinburgh – so if you like the sound of that, follow me and we can be blogger buddies!

Bye for now,

Little Owl Loves




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