Cirque Berserk – The Lyceum, Sheffield

As you can tell, my blog isn’t defined by one subject – I find inspiration from all different sources and experiences. This was a show I definitely had to talk about!

If your a big kid (like me) you will love this show!

I was lucky enough to see it at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield as it tours around the UK this spring. There were so many highlights including The Lucius Team who present The Motorcycle ‘Globe of Death’ and Tweedy The Clown who is just a comedy genius.

My affinity with the circus

I have always loved going to the circus, I have fond memories of going to the big top in various parks around Sheffield with my parents. There is just something so wonderful about experiencing and witnessing amazing talented individuals performing enchanting and dangerous acts. In 2015 me and my boyfriend went to see Zippo’s Circus under the big top in Endcliffe – safe to say lots of candyfloss was eaten!

Endcliffe Park, 2015

How they’ve adapted a circus show for the theatre is brilliant. One of the pro’s was that it wasn’t in the middle of a muddy field! I was in awe of the shows immense complexity and variety. I was expecting to see much of the same to what I saw back in 2015 but it’s been massively adapted (I think I only saw two of the same acts). It’s nonstop in pace, whipping through acts like no ones business – it’s so engaging you can’t look away for a second. I’m fairly sure my mouth was wide open for the majority of the show, every part of it was a ‘Wow’ moment!

‘Tweedy’ The Clown

For me, the star of the show always has to be the clown and Tweedy was no exeption. With the perfect combination of farcical comedy and audience interaction (I felt like we were back in pantoland as men were picked out of the audience to participate). For anyone who’s going to see the show I won’t spoil it, but it’s funny what he gets them to do! Tweedy comes onto the stage at multiple points throughout the show and provides the audience with a good giggle. His kooky nature and typical clumsiness is very much enjoyed by all.


What is she doing? I hear you say. Well, I won’t be the best person to describe it but she’s spinning a framework with four flames on the end of each point round in the air (with her feet might I add). This lady blew me away! At one point she was juggling from her hands to her feet (yes in this position). Her co-ordination and ability to do different things with each hand and foot was incredible – I wish I had a brain that worked as complexly as hers.

The Lucius Team ‘Globe of Death’

My heart was in my mouth watching these daredevil motorcyclists – ridiculously 4 of them fit in the ‘Globe of Death’. They fearlessly ride in amazing unison and it only looks like they’re ever a few cm’s apart. They really are amazing, a definite highlight for all. Click the link below to get a taste of what their act is.

The Lucius Team – Globe of Death


I really hope you enjoyed reading my review of ‘Cirque Berserk’

If you’ve seen to see the show or have ever seen Zippos Circus let me know about your experience in the comments below!

Little Owl Loves



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