Zara Lust List – Bag Edition

Last night I was having a little late night browse and I thought why not make this into a blog post? I absolutely love Zara, they have to be my favourite high street store because they deliver amazing bang-on-trend items but at incredibly high street (and generally rather low) prices. I often find myself staring at items online thinking they could well be designer pieces if someone told me that (well I’d believe it anyway that’s for sure!)

I’m naturally drawn to bags and shoes but particularly bags and other accessories when shopping online. I suppose it feels like less of a risk, less hassle. That goes for clothes too, I hate having to faff sending things back etc etc. I know it’s not that much inconvenience, as so many places offer free returns but psychologically it always puts me off buying online.

Onto the main reason I’m writing this post, I adore Zara Bags (their generally pretty awesome). I might make this into regular post if people enjoy it!

If I had a limitless money supply (and let’s face it I dont), I would often have a bit of a splurge on Zara. Like I said earlier, compared to other high street shops you always feel like (or certainly I do) your getting a really well crafted piece. In the last year I’ve bought quite a few items from them including my pink faux leather jacket and culottes in a multitude of different colours and they always blooming deliver.

I’m getting some serious tropical / holiday vibes from their latest collection (gosh I wish I was jetting off somewhere) and a lot of their bags are fairly neutral in colour palette. I love this as you can then pair them with anything! Although my taste in bags and shoes can be a little obscure, so I do like buying loud statement pieces most the time.

Anyway, here are some of the bags I’ve discovered at that I’ve been lusting over:


Braided Crossbody Bag £49.99

This bag straight up makes me think of Marilyn Monroe on the beach. It’s got such a 50’s classic feel to it. I love the weaved wicker textures and contrasting white leather style material. Looking at the bag specifications, sadly it isn’t leather but I’m not majorly surprised. It has an amazing amount of detail and texture. Zara are really loving the woven bag this season, there’s 11 others online. I saw this particular bag on Fashion Mumblr’s YouTube channel – a few days ago she posted a Zara Spring Haul. I think if I could only buy one bag on Zara right now it’d have to be this one! It’s perfect for Spring & Summer. I’m thinking picnics in the park and ice cream on the seafront.

Styling: 10/10

Quality: 8/10

Shape / Size: 8/10

Buy it here: Braided Crossbody Bag


Printed Crossbody Bag with Chain Detail £79.99

Now this is a bit more of a luxury piece, priced at £79.99. Although you’ll be glad to know it’s leather so that’s the reason behind the price tag! I love how bold this is and the use of primary colours on the front detailing. I also love the use of the chain excessively placed around the surface of the bag, it’s heavy but elegant at the same time. Very quirky!

Styling: 7/10

Quality: 8/10

Shape / Size: 7/10

Buy it here: Printed Crossbody Bag


Leather Crossbody Bag with Fringing £49.99

I can’t see a time in the future where I will ever fall out of love with fringing. It’s such a simple but awesome extra detailing. It completely transforms this bag. I also love how it’s like a dirty white colour (I’m sure that’s not what they describe it as), makes a nice change to black. I’m pleasantly surprised at the price as well, doesn’t seem as steep as the previous bag.

Styling: 8/10

Quality: 9/10

Shape / Size: 7/10

Buy it here: Leather Crossbody Bag with Fringing


Palm Tree Print Crossbody Bag £19.99

The best thing about this bag is the print and it’s cool pink colour. Everyone’s into pink at the moment right? Super cute and girlie and it has a lovely wide silver clasp. It’s quality and overall look is definitely reflected in the price, as I feel you could see this being sold in H&M or New Look who’s price point would be quite similar. Even though, it’s a lovely little wardrobe addition at a low cost.

Styling: 8/10

Quality: 6/10

Shape / Size: 8/10

Buy it here: Palm Tree Print Crossbody Bag


Embroidered Tropical City Bag £29.99

If you haven’t seen or got some kind of embroidery piece in your collection then where have you been? It’s freaking everywhere. I especially love how they’ve used bright coloured detailing on a plain white bag. This makes me think of being on holiday, sipping cocktails in the sunshine. Bring on Summer!

Styling: 8/10

Quality: 7/10

Shape / Size: 9/10

Buy it here: Embroidered Tropical City Bag


I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 handbags currently on

Let me know which is your fave or if you’ve purchased any of them recently!

Little Owl Loves



2 thoughts on “Zara Lust List – Bag Edition

  1. Great review! I LOVE Zara bags as well they are so cute! I haven’t bought one in ages but your blog has inspired me to go have a look online! 🙂 xxx


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