Ground Control to Chanel | Paris Fashion Week | Chanel A/W 17-18

‘It’s a fantasy about the air, for the earth, I think it’s very down to earth at the same time’

– Karl Lagerfield

Now this is a trend set for A/W 17-18 I can really see myself getting into!

I’m not one to particularly pay attention to catwalk shows, don’t get me wrong I love fashion, it’s occasionally what I make my YouTube videos about, but I’m not one to follow a particular designers movements.

One show at Paris Fashion week definitely caught my eye – Chanel’s AW/17 catwalk show. Can you believe they had a custom rocket made just for the show? Talk about extravagant! Karl Lagerfield, you are a boss!

Anyway onto the show, it had a underlying theme of futurism and featured metallic textures, total space chic. I’m always amazed at how effortlessly chic and elegant Chanel’s styling is, they are the epitome of classic but glamorous fashion. Maybe the reason I love space trends so much is that it reminds me of Bowie, and seemingly both his and Chanel’s equal desire to pull an otherworldly presence into their artistic form. I’m all for that! And of course there was a lot of silver, I’m heart emoji-ing every outfit!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the show:

1. The Quilted Rocket Bag


This is hands down what initially drew me to the show. I saw this photograph and swooned. How gorgeous is this rocket shaped bag? Featuring the classic Chanel chain detailing we all know and love with delicate silver chains hanging below. I’m just in love! Where can I get me one of these?!

2. Chanel Round Planet Bag


They were absolutely killing it with the space-age bags (my favourite pieces for definite). This shiny round bag oozes class and elegance. I love the hard shell exterior, so cute! This outfit is serious texture goals, I’m loving the moon print on the two piece she’s wearing.

3. Glitter Boots


Whats not to love? I adore the black detailing on the toe cap, heel and the top rim of the long boots. They’ve doubled up the glitter with silver sparkly tights too. Not sure I’d be able to pull off that look, but catwalk’s are always so brave aren’t they?

A note about her dress as well, I love the collar detail, very spacesuit-esque, I think she’s missing the helmet. The knitted texture of the dress is a little bit lovely too.

4. The Green Metallic Coat


If I could, I would (pull off the coat that is, cheeky). I love the iridescent nature of the fabric, so lush. Reminds me of a beetles shell. A beautiful mix of green and blue tones.

Also, I love how they did each models hair, blown back 80’s fullness. Reminds of Lana Del Rey’s signature look. Their makeup is 60’s chic too, fairly neutral in colour, delicately accentuating their eyes and lips.

5. The Sequin Number


The sheer amount of work and detail in this dress is mindblowing. I love the heavy structure but equally the delicate nature of what brings it all together. I’m a big fan of the collar detailing too, Chanel seem to have paid particular attention to the importance of the collar and it’s role in every item of clothing.

As mentioned before, I love how they’ve channeled retro chic into their looks too, hiya thick bottom lash mascara!

6. The Quilted Metallic Blanket Cape


Arguably the least wearable piece of the show but how rad is this very eye catching blanket style quilted coat. Paired with an outfit below which is in contrast very girly and soft. Despite the cool tones she looks warm!

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on Chanel’s A/W collection catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week. I’m off to work out what life savings I have and see if I can club together enough for that rocket bag (I joke).

Let me know what your favourite outfit or item was.

Little Owl Loves



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