Spring Tag – My Favourite Things About Springtime

So yesterday was the first official day of Spring! It sure as hell didn’t feel like it – with its intermittent raining and dark clouds but the fact that it’s the first day of Spring signifies the weather is going to improve in due course!

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite season but when I think about Spring, it has a definite charm. The references to new life, the feeling of new beginnings, the sunshine as it begins to appear from behind the clouds again. When Spring and Summer roll around I wonder how I ever coped with the gloomy – going dark at 3pm winter nights. I’m sure I’d be much happier if I lived in a hotter climate!

Anyway I thought it might be nice to do a little seasonal post on Spring and all the joyous things about it. Here are some of the things I love about Spring…

And this is really obvious because I keep banging on about it but the weather is definitely on my mind. We’ve had some lovely days lately where the sunshine beams and it’s possible to go out in a jacket and not freeze to death! I do like Winter fashion but I’m ready to ditch the thick winter coats and wear some of the thinner items I’ve been hoarding.


This leads me onto No.2 – Clothing
It’s a transitional time right now between winter and spring and it’s finally time to drag out the bomber jackets, leather jackets etc that I’ve been keen to wear for months. I’m especially in love with my pink faux leather jacket from Zara, you’ll have seen these in a variation of colours, I’m sure nearly every girl owns one! I almost bought blue, liked the yellow and never thought I’d go for pink but I tried it on and instantly loved it! Maybe because it’s so opposite to my black leather jackets (yes I have a few). Much MUCH girlier!


No.3 Lighter Colours
Yes I am in the main talking about clothing items. Isn’t it nice to be able to drag out your white converse again or that pair of light coloured heels you’ve been paranoid you’ll ruin in the rain?


No.4 – Drying Washing Outside
This makes me sound like a total housewife… but hey, I guess I am one! Hanging washing outside and not having damp clothing dotted around your house on inadequate airers and blocking all the heat from your radiators is definately a sight to behold! Who doesn’t love to spend time in the garden anyway? I love pegging washing out and feeling the soft breeze flow through my hair *okay so I may have romanticised that part a little bit but you get the picture*


No.5 – Freedom | Wanderlust | Planning
I’m not sure entirely what I mean by this but doesn’t the new year fill you with an urge to just wander and travel and immerse yourself in another place, another culture? I’ve definately been thinking about trips and holidays a lot lately! Too bad I don’t have the funds for everything I’d like to do. Emma, you can’t have it all! Anyway we’ve booked a little trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh later this month and I cannot wait! We couldn’t afford a holiday abroad right now and thought hey, there’s so many lovely places in the UK we’ve not seen yet, why don’t we plan something closer to home? So we did. Many discussions and a bit of research later we’ve booked a trip up to Scotland! Road trip! I’m actually really excited for the 4 & 1/2 hour train journey there and back, perfect opportunity to pack a picnic and enjoy the British countryside.


No.6Having More Time For Myself
At the end of the year things tend to get a bit hectic, I live in the panto world for a little while and time gets lost in the event that is Christmas. I find that at this time of the year I get a little more time for myself. Work is steady, even if the uni work isn’t! I’ve felt really inspired this year to write, keep journals, diaries, photo a day, line a day sort of documentation and make art, sketch, draw, scribble, paint, whatever medium is close to hand.


No.7 – Butterflies & Bees
I’ve started seeing both in my garden as soon as the sunshine appears. Who doesn’t love to see more wildlife around? I can’t wait to sit in the garden with my Kit Kat playing in the garden with bees buzzing by.


I hope you liked my list of Springtime things and what it makes me think of! I’m off to carry on with my Glasgow trip planning, hopefully I’ll wake up in the morning to a bit of sunshine too.


What are your favourite things about Spring?

Thanks for reading,
Little Owl Loves


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